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What does logistics tail mean? What are the solutions for the logistics process?

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-01-23
The logistics methods generated in cross-border transactions can be roughly divided into two categories: one is the first process and the other is the last process. The initial process is relative to the way in which cross-border e-commerce sellers choose to transport goods from China to the destination country. The end of the process is that the cross-border sellers choose the local express delivery method of the destination country to deliver the goods to the consumers. What are the solutions for the logistics process? Overseas warehouse--- Self-built logistics supply chain to solve worries self-built logistics supply chain has extremely high requirements for cross-border export e-commerce, requiring cross-border export e-commerce to participate in the whole chain, including: customs clearance in the first process, final process, overseas warehousing and so on. Generally speaking, that is: cross-border export e-commerce has its own first-way transportation mode, its own customs clearance resources, its own American last-way express channels, and its own American warehouse, the whole chain participates without worries. In terms of the choice of the tail, the self-built logistics supply chain can be said to be an overseas warehouse model. The overseas warehouse mode is applicable to cross-border export e-commerce. On the basis of conditions, cross-border export e-commerce can establish its own overseas warehouse in the consumer's host country for storing goods and handling goods off shelves, packaging and other matters, after consumers place orders in stores, cross-border export e-commerce can directly synchronize overseas warehouses, remove and pack goods, and then choose American express delivery to deliver them to consumers. What does logistics tail mean? What are the solutions for the logistics process? . Jpg selects the final solution for overseas warehouses, and the required expenses include the following: Overseas warehouse expenses = initial expenses, storage and processing expenses, and local distribution expenses. If it is a cross-border export e-commerce self-built overseas warehouse, although it can eliminate storage and processing costs, it also increases the cost of manpower. After all, self-built overseas warehouses require cross-border export e-commerce to manage their own warehouses, including warehouse site selection and personnel recruitment. For information on how to establish overseas warehouses in the United States, please refer to cross-border e-commerce (Amazon, EBay, etc)How to establish an overseas warehouse in the United States? Specifically, the initial cost is the transportation cost of goods from China to overseas warehouses. Storage and processing fees are the costs incurred by sellers of cross-border export e-commerce when their goods are stored in overseas warehouses and processed for local distribution. Local Delivery fee: refers to the local express delivery fee generated by the distribution of consumer goods in the destination country. However, cross-border export e-commerce companies that have conditions to build overseas warehouses do not have much choice in the express delivery channels of the United States. They want a better discount price, it not only needs the channel resources of American Express delivery, but also needs to invest a large amount of time and labor costs. Therefore, if cross-border export e-commerce sellers already have their own overseas warehouses, they can choose PostPony's US tail discount express channel to save the cost of tail Express, postPony Mailman pony provides us USPS, FedEx, UPS, DHL discount express channels. Of course, if cross-border export e-commerce companies do not have the conditions to build their own overseas warehouses, they can integrate overseas warehouses, and the sales of cross-border e-commerce sellers will increase. Third party overseas warehouse--- Cross-border export e-commerce sellers who closely cooperate with third parties to make up for the shortage of reserve resources and have the conditions to build their own overseas warehouses may have better timeliness in handling packages. On the one hand, communication is convenient; on the other hand, information synchronization is fast. However, for cross-border export e-commerce sellers who do not have the conditions to build their own overseas warehouses, choosing to cooperate with third-party overseas warehouses can seize part of the international consumer market. Cooperation with third-party overseas warehouses can make up for the shortage of backup resources in some cross-border export e-commerce. The process of operation and handling is the same as that of self-built overseas warehouses. The only deficiency is cooperation with third-party overseas warehouses, cross-border export e-commerce sellers need to spend more time and manpower to communicate and connect with third-party overseas warehouses. However, for cross-border export e-commerce sellers who do not have the conditions to build their own overseas warehouses, this final solution is a good way to win over the international consumer market. 3 Virtual overseas warehouse--- Adopting the new delivery mode to win the market profit space for small enterprises newly entering the cross-border export e-commerce industry, it is too difficult to build their own overseas warehouses, and the amount of cooperation with third-party overseas warehouses is small, spend a lot of storage fees on third-party overseas warehouses, but sales can't afford the storage fees, which is not worth the candle. Therefore, the newly entered cross-border export e-commerce wants to open up the international consumer market and win the market profit margin. The virtual overseas warehouse is the best choice for the final solution. With the rise of more and more cross-border export e-commerce, virtual overseas warehouses will become another new mode of delivery and a new trend in the future. The above is an analysis of what the logistics tail process means and what solutions it has. If you want to know more about the logistics tail process, please keep an eye on our VIPUTRANS!
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