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What does express delivery sign for?

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-02-19
Online shopping has brought us a lot of convenience, and it is easy to shop at home. At the same time, online shopping has promoted the development of the logistics industry. We all know that after purchasing physical goods on online platforms, there will be courier companies delivering home. Under normal circumstances, express delivery is signed by myself, but many users find that the courier did not call, but the logistics information shows 'Express delivery has been signed for'. What does it mean? First, the origin of express delivery When online shopping is on the rise, the delivery volume is small, and the courier will quickly deliver it to each recipient to sign for it, but as the online shopping gradually flourishes, the delivery volume is also increasing, and usually many people are delivering the delivery The absence or going out will cause a lot of time wasted. In order to save time, the courier will put the courier to the nearest supermarket or the gatekeeper in the recipient's area to form a sign-on receipt service. This kind of organization signing or agent signing refers to where your courier arrives from your last courier signing point. This kind of signing does not belong to your personal signing. As long as the courier side sends you a text message or phone call, it means that your courier has arrived. The collection point near you or not far away is about to reach you. This kind of organization signing, signing by the agent does not mean that the person is taken over or taken away. Advantages and disadvantages of express delivery advantage: 1. Save time for courier and users. 2. Provide storage place for work or going out. Disadvantages: 1. Easy to lose. Generally, the delivery place for the courier signing is a supermarket or community gatekeeper, but often there will be mistakes or mistakes, and the courier is easy to lose. 2. It is not conducive to the recipient to check whether the item is qualified or returned. Under normal circumstances, online shopping is uncertain, it is not clear whether the purchased items are of good quality or suitable for use. If they do not meet the requirements, you can refuse the visa on the spot, but if it is a receipt, there is no way to refuse the visa, and later returns are more troublesome. . Relevant laws on express delivery and receipt On May 1, 2018, China's first administrative regulation specifically for the express delivery industry, the 'Interim Regulations on Express Delivery,' clearly stipulated this situation. Article 25 of the 'Interim Regulations on Express Delivery' stipulates that an enterprise operating express delivery services shall deliver the express mail to the agreed recipient address, the addressee or the addressee designated by the addressee, and notify the addressee or the addressee. Accepted in person. Recipients or recipients have the right to inspect them in person. Judging from the 'Interim Regulations on Express Delivery', sign-on receipts without the consent of the recipient are not in compliance with the requirements, but the situation of sign-on receipts in daily life has become a norm. 4. What should I do if the items are lost? If you encounter lost items, please contact the courier company or Taobao seller directly to inquire about the situation. If the courier is “signed” after the recipient is completely unaware, the responsible party is the courier company, which should be compensated by the courier company. . In short, the current sign-on receipt has become a norm. If you feel that the sign-on receipt does not affect the daily receipt, you can accept this method. If you feel that it is necessary to check in person, communicate with the merchant when buying online, and do not accept the form of sign-on receipt. Will communicate with the courier, and the recipient will sign in person.
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