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What does consignment mean?

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-02-21
In daily life, when we are sending pets or sending large items, some people always recommend not to use express delivery. Express delivery may not be sent or it is too expensive. It is best to choose consignment or logistics. So what is consignment? What is logistics? Consignment meaning Shipping in a broad sense refers to a form of logistics, which refers to the service entrusted by the shipper to a company with shipping qualifications to transport the goods to a designated place and deliver it to a designated consignee. According to different consignment methods, it can be divided into maritime consignment, land consignment and air consignment. Such consignments often involve import and export trade. Aircraft baggage check When flying, people always say they want to check their luggage. The check-in operation here refers to entrusting your large baggage to the airline for convenience, and they will place the baggage in the luggage room of the aircraft. Wait until you stand before taking it out to you. In general, for domestic routes: free consignment is limited to 40 kg for first-class passengers holding adult or child tickets, 30 kg for business class passengers, and 20 kg for economy class passengers. Passengers with infant tickets have no free baggage allowance. Train consignment The train shipper shall provide the passenger with a ticket (except the suburban regular ticket), and may check in luggage and a bicycle charged according to the three types of packages in the boarding zone. Check-in baggage cannot be used more than twice per ticket. Train consignment process: pick-up at the door-downstairs-professional packing-shipping-transport-arrival notice or delivery Logistics meaning In a broad sense, logistics refers to the planning, implementation, and management of raw materials, semi-finished products, finished products, or related information through the transportation, storage, and distribution of goods at the lowest cost in order to meet customer needs. The whole process. The narrow sense of logistics is that logistics is car transportation, and people often say that taking logistics means taking highways! Unlike rail and air transport, relative freight is cheaper! If the shipment is large, it is still very cost-effective to use the logistics method. If the shipment is not large, it is usually better to use express delivery! The difference between shipping and logistics In a broad sense, consignment is just a form of logistics, and the scope of logistics includes a series of activities such as transportation, storage, and packaging. In a narrow sense, logistics generally refers to roads, but not specific restrictions. There are various ways of shipping, but shipping is generally a small amount of common items. Free on-site pickup services are not provided, except for large customers. After the goods arrive at the destination, they usually arrive at the freight station, and the recipients pick up the goods themselves. Additional services are required at extra costs. Logistics is generally a business with a lot of goods, and at the lowest cost, through transportation, storage, distribution and other methods, to realize the planning and implementation of raw materials, semi-finished products, finished products and related information from the origin of the goods to the place of consumption of the goods And management process. In short, consignment and logistics are very general concepts, and there is no stipulation on air, sea, steam or railway. According to the needs of customers, freight and consignment are provided station to station without special requirements. Or the warehouse-to-warehouse service can be delivered if there are special requirements, but a delivery fee will be charged, and the delivery fee generally has a minimum consumption. The express delivery in logistics is a door-to-door service, which means that it is collected at the door and then sent to the recipient's door. Generally, small items are chosen to go by express delivery.
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