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What does Amazon FBA mean and what is fba?

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-07-14
Amazon FBA head trip:

FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) means that the seller directly sends the inventory of products sold on Amazon to the warehouse in the Amazon local market. When the customer places an order, the Amazon system automatically completes the subsequent shipment. In addition to the role of online retailers, a typical example of Amazon's prominent platform function is the introduction of FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) service in 2007, that is, Amazon opens its own platform to third-party sellers and incorporates its inventory into Amazon Global The logistics network provides picking, packaging and terminal distribution services for it, and Amazon charges service fees.

Amazon is not responsible for customs clearance and delivery services from China to the Amazon warehouse. FBA first-haul service refers to the delivery of goods from China to the Amazon warehouse. There are special services to meet this demand. For example, there are logistics services in South China and East China. . Amazon FBA first trip, there are three main shipping methods on the market:

1. Direct express delivery; DHL, UPS, Fedex and the like, generally the price above 20kg is still good, fast aging, suitable for emergency replenishment. And express delivery is free of appointment storage, but it should be noted that Amazon is not the main body of customs clearance, is not responsible for customs clearance and tax payment, must make declarations and tariff prepayments and prepare local customs importers in advance. Generally, 5688 can provide tax number borrowing.

2. FBA air + delivery (known as dedicated line): The goods are first air-shipped to the local area, and then delivered to the Amazon warehouse using local express delivery. The time is fast, slightly slower than direct express delivery. Express delivery is very convenient for appointment-free storage. Now on the market The air + pie is generally double tax package, there is no need to pay customs prepayment, etc., the cost is also very cheap, about 20-35 yuan / kg.

3. FBA sea freight forwarding: sea freight + local customs clearance + destination country delivery, the time limit is slightly longer. Foreign delivery is divided into: truck delivery and courier company delivery. The main difference is the delivery time. The general sea freight first journey price does not include tax, It’s about 1,000 yuan per square. Japan. The United States and the United Kingdom are a little cheaper, and Canada is more expensive. This kind of sea freight has a long period of time, usually more than a month, when the trailer is sent to Amazon, it usually needs to be reserved and operated. More trouble than courier. But the price is cheap, if calculated according to 1CBM=167kg, it is cheaper than the express 30kg by 1kg. 10 boxes of 20kg cargo, the express delivery cost is about 6000, but the sea shipping is estimated to be less than 2000, but the time is long, suitable for non-emergency replenishment. 5688 can provide you with FBA full service.

FBA is a delivery service provided by Amazon warehouse. FBA head journey refers to the business from China to Amazon warehouse. FBA head journey includes transportation, customs declaration, customs clearance and other processes. There are international sea delivery, air delivery, express delivery, and Central Europe. Logistics channels such as trains. 5688 Amazon FBA first-way transportation service, including shipping LCL to global Amazon warehouse, shipping FCL to global Amazon warehouse, four major express delivery directly to Amazon warehouse, U.S. special line air plus to Amazon warehouse, European special line air plus to Amazon Warehouses, Japan's special line air delivery to Amazon warehouse, Canada's special line air delivery to Amazon warehouse, CEIBS and other channels, as well as FBA returns and exchanges, transfer warehouse and other value-added services. Covering all Amazon FBA warehouses in Europe, America and Japan, we have built a number of highly advantageous logistics channels, and have strong overseas customs clearance and delivery service capabilities. Where there is an Amazon warehouse, there are 5688 customs clearance delivery services.

FBA head shipping 5688 has completed the construction of the shipping route from the national to the global FBA warehouse. It has good cooperation with the global TOP10 shipowners. All major ports in the country can provide shipping FCL and LCL export services, and the local delivery method is flexible and diverse The operation team is familiar with the process of appointment and warehouse entry in Amazon warehouse. Reference aging: 10~15 days in Japan, 30~40 days in Europe and America

FBA first air freight and air delivery is a special line service of express customs clearance + express delivery specially developed by our company for Amazon FBA sellers. The 5688FBA air plus dispatch line can provide FBA first-haul services to Europe, the United States, Canada, and Japan. Covered the FBA warehouse in the United States, Canada, Japan, Italy, Germany, France and France. Reference period: 7~10 working days in Europe, 6~9 working days in the US, and 3~5 days in Japan

FBA Express Straight 5688 is one of the four major international express agents. It has standardized operation, powerful system, reasonable price and sufficient positions. It is sent directly to the world and is delivered quickly. The independent express pre-clearance of single tickets avoids the cross influence of goods. Effectively help you solve the pain points of Amazon FBA's first transportation. The goods will be released upon arrival, the whole trajectory will be transparent and visible, the land DHL/UPS/TNT positions are sufficient and the warehouses will not be discharged, and the UPS/FedEx prices in Hong Kong are affordable to meet your personalized logistics needs.

Amazon FBA Head Q&A: Shipping FCL, LCL, U.S. Air Plus, Europe Air Plus, Japan Air Plus, Express Delivery, FBA Head Q&A-

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: When the whole cabinet is transported, can you not hit the pallet? A: Yes, but unloading without pallets is more troublesome. The warehouse needs a certain amount of labor. The warehouse needs to consume more labor costs, and the relative unloading fee will increase.

Q: Recently, most of the FBA addresses assigned by Amazon are in the central and eastern regions of the United States. It is too far from the warehouse in the west of the United States and the freight is too high. Is there a solution? A: Our company has been following the market trend and Amazon's warehouse distribution situation. We have also paid attention to this problem, so this year we have added the transfer service of East America. It is convenient for sellers to make independent choices based on their own cargo distribution, and more intimate service, which really helps sellers save logistics costs.

Q: We are Amazon's VE supplier. Can the warehouse accept Amazon's delivery to the warehouse? A: Yes, at present, both warehouses in the United States can accept VE self-lift.
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