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What documents are needed to export clothing?

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-09-05
When receiving a formal order from a customer, an export contract, export commercial invoice, packing list, export consignment note, verification form, customs declaration, customs declaration, and inspection authorization should be prepared (the factory’s foreign trade personnel also need to prepare : Commodity inspection renewal voucher, carton inspection form) and other documents. (It should be produced by the document clerk and handed over to the business document clerk for follow-up).

Apparel export procedures:

1. Commodity inspection:

If it is a national statutory commodity inspection product, the commodity inspection requirements shall be stated when placing an order to the factory, and the export contract, invoice, packing list and other required commodity inspection materials shall be provided. In addition, the factory should be informed of the export port of the product so that the factory can handle commodity inspections. The commodity inspection renewal voucher/strip should be obtained one week before shipment.

2. Chartering and booking warehouse:

(1) If the contract signed with the customer is FOB CHINA clause, usually the customer will designate the transportation agency or shipping company. Should contact the freight forwarder as soon as possible to inform the delivery intention, understand the export port to be arranged, the shipping schedule, etc., confirm whether the factory's delivery is at least one week before the sailing date, and whether the shipping schedule can meet the delivery required by the customer period. Written notice of warehousing should be sent to the freight company 7 days before the delivery date, and the warehouse receipt can usually be obtained 5 days before the ship sails.

(2) If the seller pays for the freight, the shipping company or shipping company should consult the shipping company or shipping company as soon as possible about the schedule, freight rate, and port of departure. After comparison, choose a shipping company with favorable price, good reputation, punctual arrival time, and proper sailing time, and tell the salesperson to inform the customer. If the guest does not agree, choose another shipping company approved by the guest. Written position reservation one week before sailing, the procedure is the same as above.

(3) If the goods are not enough for a small container and need to take bulk goods, order a bulk cargo location with the freight forwarding company. When you get the warehouse receipt, you must also understand the closing time, warehouse customs declaration requirements, and other content.

(4) When booking a warehouse with a transportation company, be sure to fax a written consignment note for export goods, indicating the scheduled shipping date, container type and quantity, port of destination, etc., to avoid errors.

3. Arrange to tow the container: (please remember to check whether there is any worn, damaged or broken place in the container before loading)

(1) After the goods are finished and passed the inspection, entrust the trailer company to pick up and load the container. Towing companies should choose safe, reliable and reasonably priced companies to sign long-term cooperation agreements to ensure safety and punctuality. The following information should be faxed to the towing company: confirmation of the warehouse/loading drawing, shipping company, fixed warehouse number, power of attorney for towing the container, indicating the loading time, the type and quantity of the container, the address of the container, the customs broker, and the shipment Ports and so on. If there is an inspection company supervising the loading of the counters, a special statement must be made and it is not late. And request to return a copy of the loading information, listing the cabinet number, license plate number, driver and contact number, etc.

(2) Fax a copy of the loading information to the factory, specifying the time, cabinet type, order number, order number, license plate number and the driver's contact number.

(3) The factory is required to fax a loading notice to the business department as soon as possible after the container leaves the factory, specifying the time when the container leaves the factory, the actual number of goods loaded, etc., and record the packing number and seal number as the bill of lading information. The factory is required to remember to seal and lock it after loading the cabinet.

4. Entrusted customs declaration:

Before towing the container, submit the required information for customs declaration to the cooperative customs broker, and entrust export customs declaration and customs clearance for commodity inspection. Usually two days are allowed for customs declaration (before the ship closes). When entrusting customs declaration, a piece of loading information should be provided, including the loaded goods and quantity, port, shipping company, fixed warehouse number, container number, ship opening and closing time, trailer company, container type and quantity, and the company’s contact Person and phone address etc.

5. Obtain transportation documents:

(1) At the latest within two days after sailing, the supplementary contents of the bill of lading (if necessary to be amended) should be faxed to the shipping company or freight forwarder. The supplementary content of the bill of lading shall be made in accordance with the requirements of L/C or the customer, and the correct quantity of goods shall be given, as well as some special requirements, including the ship certificate issued by the shipping company along with the bill of lading.

(2) Supervise and urge the shipping company to issue a sample bill of lading and freight bill as soon as possible. After carefully checking the samples for correctness, confirm the contents of the bill of lading to the shipping company in writing. If the bill of lading needs to be confirmed by the customer, you must fax the bill of lading template to the customer first, and then ask the shipping company to issue the original after the confirmation.

(3) Pay shipping and miscellaneous fees in time, and notify the shipping company to obtain shipping documents such as bill of lading in time after payment. Registration should be done to pay the freight.

(4) If the customer is under the FOB clause, he should inform the customer of insurance in time and fax a copy of the bill of lading to him.

6. Prepare other documents:

(1) Commercial invoice: Among the documents required by L/C, commercial invoices are the most stringent. The date of the invoice should be determined after the issuance date and before the delivery date. The description of the goods in the invoice must be exactly the same as that on the L/C, and the lowercase and uppercase amounts must be correct. The terms of the invoice on the L/C should be displayed, and the mark should be displayed. If the invoice needs to be certified by the other party's embassy, ??it usually needs to be processed 20 days in advance.

(2) FORM A certificate of origin: FORM A certificate of origin must be applied for at the local commodity inspection bureau before shipment. It should be noted that the shipping date must be before the delivery date and shipping date of L/C and after the invoice date. If the application cannot be processed before shipment, the certificate shall be issued after the application, and the customs declaration form, bill of lading and other documents shall be provided. For goods transshipped in Hong Kong, the FORM A certificate usually has to be endorsed by the China Commodity Inspection Company in Hong Kong to prove that the goods have not been reprocessed in Hong Kong.

(3) General certificate of origin: The general certificate of origin can be handled at the China Council for the Promotion of Trade, with lower requirements. It can be reissued within a not too long time after delivery. If the certificate of origin needs to be endorsed by the embassy, ??it must be processed 20 days in advance like the invoice.

(4) Shipment notice: Generally, within a few days after the ship is set off, the customer shall be notified of the details of the shipment, including the name of the ship, the number of flights, the date of departure, the estimated date of arrival, the goods and the quantity, the amount, and the number of packages , Mark, agent of destination port, etc. Sometimes L/C asks to provide proof of delivery, such as fax report, letter form, etc. Please pay attention to the time required by the customer.

(5) Packing list: The packing list should clearly indicate the packing of the goods. To display the quantity of each box, the gross weight, net weight, and outer box size of each box. The total volume calculated according to the outer box size must be consistent with the marked total volume. It is necessary to display the mark and box number so that guests can find it easily. The weight and volume of the packing list must match the bill of lading.
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