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What documents and procedures are required to

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-09-05
1. ?Fruit import process and procedures?

The following procedures are required for enterprises to import fruits (all need to be handled before import) ?Port quarantine: apply for enterprise warehouse registration ? Apply for 'Entry and Exit Animal and Plant Quarantine Permit' to AQSIQ ?Imported fruit requires port quarantine sampling? Required abroad Certificate of Origin and Phytosanitary Certificate?

(1) Specific import process?

1. It should be understood whether the fruit to be imported is in the list of permitted imported fruits. For details, please refer to the 'List of China's Allowed Imported Fruits and Exporting Countries/Regions' on the website of the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine.

2. If the fruit to be imported is in the list of permitted imported fruits, it should be judged whether the fruit variety is allowed to enter from a certain port, currently? ? The port can import all kinds of imported fruits allowed by our country.

If you import from other ports, please consult the local inspection and quarantine bureau.?

3. Before importing fruits, quarantine approval should be processed and the 'Entry Animal and Plant Quarantine Permit' should be obtained.?

(2) Approval process

? For the examination and approval of the fruit imported from a certain port, the Ningbo Bureau is responsible for the preliminary examination and the AQSIQ is responsible for the final examination. The approval is carried out online, and the time limit for the entire workflow is 20 working days. Enterprises should pay attention to online quarantine approval:

1. Approval should be processed before the contract is signed; ?

2. The applicant enterprise should be the consignee and the person who signed the contract;

4. The validity period of the license is 6 months; ?

5. It can only be imported from the approved entry point.?


(3) Precautions for imported fruits?

1. The fruit should come from the designated place of origin, orchard and packaging factory.

2. The fruit packaging box should be marked or marked with the name of the fruit, the place of origin, and the name or code of the packaging factory.

3. The fruit varieties should be consistent with the content permitted by the license, and the quantity shall not exceed the permitted quantity, and no unapproved fruit types shall be included.?

4. Fruits should be free of soil, branches, leaves and dangerous pests such as diseases, insects and weeds that China is concerned about.?

5. The content of pesticide residues, heavy metals and other toxic and harmful substances in fruits should meet China's national standards.

6. Apply for the official phytosanitary certificate of the exporting country/region. Note: For shipments in containers, the container number should be reflected on the certificate; the consignee on the certificate and the consignee on the 'Entry Animal and Plant Quarantine Permit' and the person who signed the trade contract should be the same; if If the bilateral agreement requires a special statement to be reflected on the certificate, it shall be declared.?

7. If the bilateral agreement has special requirements, it shall be implemented in accordance with the bilateral protocol.??

2. ?Food import customs clearance process?

1) Chinese label review (to be processed before the goods arrive at the port)?

2) Stocking (arranged by your company) ?

3) Prepare documents (arranged by your company) ? 4) Ship to Hong Kong (arranged by your company or our company)

5) Change orders (operated by our company) (one working day) ?

6) Labeling (posted by our company, can be posted at the dock, can be transferred to the bonded area)

7) Inspection application (operation by commodity inspection department) (1-3 working days)

8) Customs declaration (price review, cargo inspection) (operation by the customs department) (1-3 working days) ?

9) Tax payment (1-3 working days)

10) Release of goods (same day as tax payment) ?


What should I do if there is a problem with food import declaration??

1) The label sample does not meet the requirements of commodity inspection standards? ――Rectify immediately; ?

2) The test result is not up to standard? ―― Immediately go through the procedures for deportation approval, delete tax refund, or destroy domestically;

3) The labeling does not conform to the sample style? ―― rectify and repost immediately; ?

4) The price for re-examination outside the customs declaration? ――Provide price information or estimate; ?

5) The goods are sold without a sanitary certificate? ――Seriously speaking, it will be fined by commodity inspection, and the business qualification will be revoked if it is serious;

6) Processing time: from commodity inspection forecast review document to application for health certificate; ??

3. ?What documents are needed to import fruits from Malaysia?

To apply for the 'Entry Animal and Plant Quarantine Permit of the People's Republic of China', first go to Xinchengtong to apply for an electronic key. There is an 'Entry Animal and Plant Permit Management System' developed by the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine, which consists of the application system and the approval system.??

1. Process ?

1. Application ? The applicant shall submit an application to the bureau directly under it in electronic or written form, and provide relevant accompanying documents to the quarantine bureau in accordance with the requirements of different products. The official seal must be affixed and the CD-ROM attached.?
2. Acceptance? The directly-affiliated bureau will decide whether to accept or not accept the application based on whether the materials submitted by the applicant are complete and whether it conforms to the legal form. After completing the acceptance procedures, submit an application to the Animal and Plant Department of the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine.?
3. Review and approval: The Animal and Plant Department will review the applications submitted by the directly affiliated bureaus in accordance with animal and plant epidemics, laws and regulations, announcements and warnings, etc., grant or disapproval, and issue 'licenses' or 'notifications of non-approval' .?? The examination and approval work shall be completed within 20 working days from the date of acceptance by the directly affiliated bureau. Before the goods are shipped, the permit must have been issued. Otherwise, it will affect the inspection and customs clearance matters.?
4. Filing ? Import consignees must file entry plants and plant product consignees with the Plant Inspection Office ten days before entering the country, and the list of records must be published on the website. Only if there is a plant record number, you are allowed to report Check.

two. Documents required for inspection: ??

(1) The original, copy, bill of lading, packing list, invoice, contract, certificate of origin, phytosanitary certificate, license, packaging statement, power of attorney for inspection, documents required for special quarantine requirements (cold treatment or heat treatment certificate) ). Fruits are also entered in the electronic supervision system. After the 0144 receipt is displayed in the inspection system, the receipt can be sent and received. The receipt with T in the supervision system can be received by the Quarantine Bureau, which is convenient for future statistics and inspection certificates.?

(2) The parts of customs declaration and documents that need attention?

A: Required documents: bill of lading, packing list, original invoice, contract, certificate of origin (fruit of the country enjoying preferential tax rate), certificate of endangerment, customs declaration commission.

B: Recording-Tax Payment-Release??

Fruit Import Document_Copy.jpg

4. Malaysian fruit imports

Proof/license documents are required before:

1. Official certificate of origin ? ? ? 2. Official health certificate of the country of manufacture ? ? ? 3. Manufacturer’s ingredient list ? ? ? 4. Manufacturer’s product inspection report ? ? ? 5. Proof of product registration and approval for sale in the country (region) ? ? ? 6. A sample of the original packaging label Three copies of Chinese and English label samples???7. The official quarantine certificate of the quarantine manufacturer is required??

The basic process of fruit import in Malaysia: ? Customer and seller sign import contract → apply for import related license → open letter of credit (wire transfer) → foreign shipment → review import documents → terminal exchange → inspection → customs declaration → tax bill → pay tax → customs Inspection→Customs Release→Pickup and Delivery??

Malaysia fruit import declaration is required for inspection. Information required for inspection and quarantine: ??1, foreign origin certificate ???2, foreign health certificate ???3, Chinese translation of label content ???4, product label sample (generally not required for stereotyped packaged food, raw materials).?After the consignor receives the imported Malaysian fruit, he must send samples for inspection. This process is necessary. After passing the inspection, the Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau will issue a CIQ certificate, which usually takes 15-20 working days. This certificate is to prove that the batch of imported food meets human consumption standards and can be sold on the market.

The Chinese label for Malaysian fruit imports must indicate the following items: ? Product name, country of origin, ingredients, production date, shelf life, method of use, domestic distributor information, etc.

Food import tax rate: ?? Tariff: 10%----35%? (tariff: CIF?×tax rate%); ?VAT: 17%? (added tax: (CIF + tariff amount)×17%); the tax collected is in RMB pay.
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