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What do you need to pay attention to when transporting water dispensers?

by:VIPUTRANS     2019-12-29
Drinking fountains are common drinking water supplies in our life, and logistics is indispensable from production to sales. In the process of water dispenser transportation, there are some matters needing attention, so as to avoid damage to the water dispenser. Then what should be paid attention to when transporting drinking fountains. The following is a detailed introduction by the editor. Note 1: do not find express delivery, why not recommend that you choose express delivery? As we all know, express delivery is a chain type of transportation, which is very different from the logistics companies we usually see. When express delivery is sorting, workers always throw goods from a distance, which is easy to damage the goods. When the recipient receives the stolen courier to find the courier company to settle the claim, he will be refused compensation for various reasons. As a new type of drinking water equipment, the water dispenser has its fragile side and cannot withstand the throwing and falling of the express delivery during transportation. Note 2: Do not stand up for transportation. Drinking fountains are not refrigerator products. Shanghai freight logistics company often puts down the drinking fountains for transportation when loading loads. Years of transportation experience tell everyone that the transportation of the water dispenser does not affect the parts of the water dispenser. Note 3: separate transportation, a complete water dispenser is to put a bottled water on the water dispenser and use it with the bottled water. When transporting water dispensers, the water dispensers and buckets are generally transported separately, and the water dispensers are packed with foam and cartons to prevent damage during transportation, prevent rain from getting wet during transportation. Regarding the question of 'what to pay attention to when transporting water dispensers', the above content has been introduced in detail, and I hope to help everyone.
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