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What do you need to pay attention to when transporting precision equipment?

by:VIPUTRANS     2019-12-28
There are many processes to carry out a trip to transport precision equipment, from the submission of equipment to the receipt of goods, among which there are some matters needing attention, such as filling in the bill of lading, acceptance of goods, etc. Then what do you need to pay attention to when transporting precision equipment. The following is a detailed introduction by the editor. 1, usually do a good job in vehicle maintenance, vehicle inspection before driving, in order to reduce or even eliminate delays caused by vehicle problems. 2. Before picking up the goods at the customer's factory, carefully check whether the goods to be picked up are in good condition, whether the equipment number is consistent with the bill of lading, whether the outer package is damaged, and whether the shockproof and anti-tilt labels have changed, if any (Even minimal damage)Communicate with customers in a timely manner. What should be paid attention to in the transportation of precision equipment 3. When loading, the forklift driver of the customer is required to place the equipment according to our binding requirements. After loading, the equipment is fixed with a strap and a tightener, in order to avoid collision and dumping during transportation. 4. In the process of equipment transportation, the transportation speed of precision equipment shall be strictly followed, with the National Highway 50 km/h and the expressway 60 km/h, so as to avoid equipment vibration caused by sudden braking. 5, such as special circumstances during transportation (Such as a car accident, etc) If the equipment is dumped and discolored, notify the customer in time and cooperate with the follow-up treatment. 6. Check the shockproof and anti-tilt labels again for discoloration before unloading the equipment, and take photos for future reference. Check the bill of lading carefully and check the equipment number and warehouse entry number. If you sign with the receipt form provided by the customer, you need to scan or fax it to the customer in time for future reference.
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