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What do you mean shipping FCL and LCL _VIPUTRANS

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-06-29
In the mouth of the sea people, we often hear the FCL and LCL, and what they mean? What is the meaning of FCL (FCL 集装箱整箱货物) : FCL. Relative terms for LCL cargo, refers to a whole Container, is also sometimes used to describe the Full Container Load Order, namely the whole ark of the Order. The consignor shall be responsible for packing, counting, stowage and seal of the freight. FCL cargo devanning, generally by the consignee to deal with. But also can entrust carrier in depot split open a case. But the carrier is not responsible for the damage, shortage in the cabinet. Unless it is the carrier of the goods proof responsibility accident damage, the carrier personnel responsible for compensation. FCL cargo carrier to box for the transfer unit. As long as the container appearance similar to when the closed box and seal integrity, the carrier is completed the carrier responsibility. FCL cargo on the bill of lading, plus; The client packing, count and seal & throughout; The terms and conditions. What is the meaning of LCL LCL ( 不到装箱) : the LCL. The whole case goods relative terms, refers to fill a whole box of goods receipts. This kind of goods, usually by the carrier, respectively, inland freight and in container freight station or freight station, and then will be more than two ticket cargo in a container, also want to stand at the destination of inland container depot or devanning delivery respectively. For this kind of goods, the carrier should afford to boxing and unboxing operations, devanning fee still charge the goods. The responsibility of the carrier for LCL goods, basically the same as the traditional cargo transportation. About; What do you mean shipping FCL and LCL & throughout; The above content is to introduce the clear, hope I can give you help!
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