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What do you mean refund ocean freight? Related introduction about sea freight back

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-07
Due to the rise of international trade, has produced by sea, ship manufacturing, the rise of freight forwarding industry, but because of the people in the above industry more and more, in order to win customers, we can't avoid vicious competition, even many LCL cargo consignor, finally incredibly still can get back the sea freight, many enterprises think refund ocean freight lead to not only didn't take the freight, but get the money, the money can be as profits. In fact, the idea is wrong, here we introduce you to some knowledge about sea freight back. Because now the vicious competition of shipping market, the price war is unavoidable, in order to more to win more business, especially JinYang shipping container, would be a freight forwarder to the owner or secondary domestic forwarder refund, the refund money back is called sea freight. Practice, Japan, South Korea, into the sea transport, such as the most vulnerable to low freight, zero freight or freight back, ostensibly shipper account for cheap, but because of vicious competition, prices lead to many small company no power cannot keep up with the follow-up service, many owners are restless. Except for the vicious competition, there is also the factor of national policy guidance. As is known to all, a country in order to promote the trade development of their own, tend to restrict imports and encourage exports. Involving import problem here. Countries to restrict imports of charges levied on imports so high. In Qingdao, China exports, for example, Qingdao port to charge the handling charge of a billing 15 tons of general 17 RMB. If it is in the yangshan port price may be slightly lower. But these goods to foreign devanning fee can reach more than $100 per tons of billing. But you don't worry, because of foreign port also has a lot of forwarder, he also hope that the customer the more the better, in order to get more Chinese forwarder agent, so they will take out part of the profits to give back the domestic freight forwarders. ( Everyone knows) Because more than conventional live natural profit is much more. He earned $100, for example, he might even give you $50 back. But the actual Shanghai freight also just $10 a few. So a offset the sea freight as a negative number. Domestic freight forwarders classmates also many, for the sake of acting. They imitate foreign forwarder teacher. Also to the owner or secondary domestic forwarder shipment money back. Then you export friend also got the refund of the pie. But there is no free lunch in the world, after all, the wool is on sheep's body. On the surface is sea freight back to you, but have you ever be a general ledger, such as high delivery charges levied on the port of destination, or to a personality port fees and surcharges. If you count reckoning, you will soon understand that he himself is making a loss. To the fairness of the foreign trade, it is recommended that you export friends not to take the dozens of dollars, and choose some low qualification, total cost high freight forwarders, according to the normal fee standards to deal with international cargo transport is king! Should also pay attention to the new salesman of foreign trade, should ask when inquiry the sea freight + port fees, surcharges! Don't see a few back the hollowing out of the sea freight go hurry and forwarding company to sign the contract, the goods to the other party, the goods is not an accident but it a trouble, is expected to be spent tens of times & other; Refund ocean freight & throughout; Also not necessarily can handle. Happened, a new salesman, forwarder by sea freight back as hollowing out secretly gave him, he put into his pockets, originally nothing, or very good. But in a paper bag after all can't fire, then it let the leadership of the company know, go to audit, found the port take delivery fee increased more than a dozen times, the last ending everybody can think & hellip; … Edit comments: after the above small make up of introduction, believe everybody is back to what had certain understanding of the sea freight. Actually refund ocean freight in the end is caused by excessive competition and international transportation industry, the existence of hidden rules generally similar to the industry, the transportation has little relationship with our owners. VIPU international logistics lp perennial Supply Chain for people to go abroad or home to provide professional door to door double clear GuanGuoJi logistics services, shipping multinational carry furniture will find VIPU international logistics Supply Chain. If you have this aspect demand, are welcome to call our hotline for free.
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