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What do the container marks mean-what is the mark

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-05-27
Shipping mark refers to the mark on the shipping package. Marks in foreign trade can also be called transportation marks. It is for the convenience of identifying the goods and preventing the wrong goods from being sent (Shippingmark) refers to the mark on the shipping package. Marks in foreign trade can also be called transportation marks. It is to facilitate the identification of the goods and prevent the wrong goods from being sent. It is usually composed of the type of the goods, simple geometric figures or the abbreviation of the receiving unit, the port of destination, the number of pieces or the batch number, etc. Identification of origin, contract number, license number, volume and weight. Marks are divided into two parts: positive marks and side marks. The so-called positive mark means that when the box is placed, the mark is facing the outside, which can be seen at a glance. It is generally the two ends of a rectangular box. The contents of the mark include: the abbreviation or logo of the name of the consignee or buyer, the reference number, the name of the destination port, the number of pieces, the batch number, the country of manufacture and the place of origin, etc. The side mark is specifically agreed between the buyer and the seller according to the characteristics and specific requirements of the product, and the general content is brushed on both sides of the box. The contents of the side labels are: contract number, license number, section number, order number, etc. and gross net weight, volume, packing and matching, order number of box, quality grade, etc. Container number and seal number Box number.jpg The container number of the container is composed of 11 digit codes, which can be divided into three parts: The first part consists of 4 English letters, and the first three digit codes (Owner Code) mainly explain the owner and operator of the box (for example: CBHU) Indicates that the container owner and operator of the container is COSCO Container Lines), the fourth code indicates the type of container; the second part is composed of 6 digits of the registration code of the box; the third part consists of the first 4 letters and 6 digits The verification code obtained by the verification operation is used to identify whether an error occurs during verification. Seal number: After the goods are loaded, adding a 'lock' to the container is actually a seal. Each seal has a number on it. The seal can only be opened if it is damaged.
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