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What do logistics to New Zealand cannot carry entry

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-11
New Zealand, the southwest Pacific island countries, year after year was rated as one of the most livable countries in the world, is famous for its unique geographical environment of the world. In the four countries of the world traditional and New Zealand for a place. This is full of natural garden country, the four seasons scenery pleasant, place oneself among them, green green, yet but to see the blue sky white clouds. There seems to be in New Zealand after general meticulously hand of god, all living creatures of harmonious survival, life isn't a heaven heaven here. The optimal water environment of New Zealand in addition to the essential innate casting formation, also acquired protection is closely related with people. We all know that New Zealand people made great efforts to protect the living environment, in order to protect the local environment, prohibit any alien species invasion. In order to prevent the entry into the country of species destroyed the ecological environment, whether to travel or immigration to New Zealand, New Zealand at airports and ports have very strict inspection and quarantine. Advanced inspection equipment to make your luggage without hiding, ultra-high manual inspection probability is ubiquitous, quarantine dog beside on standby. Once you carry the quarantine objects, and you did not indicate the listed on the declaration form, it is likely to face fines on the spot or destroyed on the spot, any chances will be found. Logistics, then, what is not to go to New Zealand from entry, what is belong to sensitive range? Today small make up to you to summarize, logistics to New Zealand to carry things need to pay attention to the related regulations, let you be a necessary choice in the pack. A, taboo items. In addition to the international ban on all kinds of illegal items, New Zealand and several items in this country will not. Tobacco. Since the end of 2014, the immigration New Zealand passenger or, capable of carrying the tobacco root has plummeted from before 200 to 50 root, from the number change believe that everyone can feel how much for the control of tobacco products is strictly. If you really need to carry more tobacco related products, you must pay enough taxes for related items. Cold medicine. Because of the cold medicine ingredient is pseudoephedrine, made in China and this kind of composition is manufacturing & other; Methamphetamine & throughout; One of the best raw materials. If once customs inspection, will face severe punishment, a variety of visa will be canceled immediately, were refused entry into New Zealand and other punishment, so our immigration to carry on cold medicines must be careful and cautious. Second, must declare to the customs items. Immigration New Zealand when except taboo items can't be carried, and is part of the goods must apply to the customs, the customs inspection allows the rear can carry. Food. Cooked, not cooked, fresh or dried, pickled, packing of food. Animals or animal products. Meat, dairy products, fish, honey and honey products, eggs, shell, wool, fur, feather bone or insects. Plants or plant products. A part of the fruits, vegetables, nuts, plants, leaves, flowers, kind of, bulbs, fungi, bamboo, rattan, wood or straw. Used for animals, plants or water equipment. Supplies, bicycles and other outdoor camping equipment. 3, need to prepare the goods. To New Zealand immigration logistics, to quickly adapt to the local environment, believe a lot of people are already ahead of the migration strategy. Small make up to summarize to you, about the New Zealand immigration logistics articles carried by several small and advice. Cloth art. In New Zealand domestic products such as curtain, cloth art sofa prices compared to China are relatively expensive, domestic these items can be shipped to New Zealand can save a lot of cost. Leather furniture. New Zealand leather furniture and cloth art, are more expensive than domestic, if like to use this kind of furniture in China bought the shipping to New Zealand. The mattress. New Zealand mattress compared with domestic mattress is soft, and the price is not cheap, if used to sleep hard mattess advice from domestic to New Zealand. Disinfection cabinet. Dish and plates in New Zealand, with the domestic and the Chinese people used to use chopsticks, so on the design of the disinfection cabinet is different from the domestic, have a friend to use disinfection cabinet can consider shipping to New Zealand. New Zealand is really a god in order to confirm this and romantic place in the world and create, only experienced people can know his beauty. Through the above introduction, believe everybody logistics for immigrants to New Zealand what bandgap, what to bring my in the mind have several, hope small make up these small statistics can help to you. If you have any logistics needs to go to New Zealand, about the harassment online customer service at any time.
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