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What do I need to prepare for Amazon FBA headway?

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-08-20
Select the product to be issued with FBA, and determine whether the product can be stored in the warehouse and whether it is an Amazon logistics prohibited product. Failure to comply with FBA product packaging requirements, safety requirements, and product restrictions may result in inventory rejection, processing, and returns in the future.

  1. Select the products to be issued by FBA, and determine whether the products can be stored in the warehouse and whether they are prohibited by Amazon logistics. Failure to comply with FBA product packaging requirements, safety requirements, and product restrictions may result in inventory rejections, processing, and returns, future distributions may be blocked, or additional packaging work or violations may be charged additional fees. Sellers participating in Fulfillment by Amazon not only need to comply with Amazon's restricted product policy, but also need to comply with FBA specific product restrictions.

  2. When starting to send Amazon FBA headers, generally you must first go to the label service ((MWSLabelService) and mixed storage service (StickerlessCommingledInventory) in the Setting-FulfillmentByAmazon page of the background and select disabled.

a. MWSLabelService label service: refers to the seller sending the goods to the Amazon warehouse, and Amazon will label the product according to the product's upc code or other information that can identify the product, but all the losses caused by it will be borne by the seller, so the seller is generally recommended to post it first After the label is made, it is sent to the Amazon warehouse.

b.StickerlessCommingledInventory mixed storage service: refers to the same product listing, you did the first FBA process, and others did FBA, then your FBA inventory will be stored together with other people’s FBA inventory, and the customer will place an order with you , FBA delivery will pick one of your two goods and send it to the customer. The selected goods may be your FBA inventory or someone else’s FBA inventory.

  3. Prepare printer and label paper:   Printer requirements:

  A, laser printer and A4 sticker paper can be used;

  B. Barcode printer can also be used, and the barcode format is set to 128B;

  C. Inkjet printers cannot be used. Inkjet printers are prone to stains, resulting in blurred images and making labels difficult to read or scan;

  D. Learn how to use a printer to print labels, and study how to print in advance.

  E, prepare packaging products such as packaging boxes, packaging boxes, foams, packaging films, etc.;
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