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What circumstance to rent the whole container international logistics is more cost-effective?

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-07
Ready to friends of international logistics, at the time of consulting the international logistics business, staff will be based on what you items, suggest you choose the whole ark or spell ark. This some spell ark shipping don't feel safe, feel items together with others, may be lost, at that time is like a person to use a container, is the FCL. So the question comes, it is necessary to rent the whole container for international logistics? Commonly used in international logistics, container is divided into three types: 20 feet container extensions, 40 'container, 40 feet container. ( 1) 20 feet container measured in size: 5. 890m( Long) x2. 342m( Wide) x2. 388m( High) , up to 28200 kg. 28 cubic volume 33 m3, can usually be loaded goods; International logistics three rooms one hall or three rooms two hall furniture, electrical appliances, item can be hold. ( 2) 40 feet container measured in size: 12. 017m( Long) x2. 342m( Wide) x2. 388m( High) , up to 28800 kg, volume of 67 cubic meters, can usually be loading 58 cubic goods; International logistics logistics suitable for villa, or is used in 20 feet container to hold. ( 3) Extensions 40 feet container measured in size: 12. 017m( Long) x2. 342m( Wide) x2. 693m( High) , up to 27600 kg, volume of 85 cubic meters, about 68 cubic meters. Usually can load 68 cubic goods, suitable for the whole house logistics. Although the container volume is big, but the reality is not so much. Due to the changing of furniture and irregular, there will be a waste of space when loading, so about the available volume and container volume there is a certain gap. Generally, if you want to carry one to three-bedroom, 20 feet container is enough to put all things move out. In addition, choose FCL transportation has one of the most obvious advantage is that reduce the risk of transportation, because of all the items are in a container, there will be no halfway open container off part of the goods, is relatively safe. And, of course, if you want to transport material 15 cubic as boundaries, if to check goods volume is less than 15 cubic meters, more profitable go LCL; If you want to check the goods is more than 15 cubic meters, suggest you use full container transport.
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