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What can't I send by international express?

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-02-22
With the advent of globalization, the distance between countries is getting closer and closer, and communication and business contacts are getting closer. The development of international logistics is becoming more and more perfect, and it can send mail to and from China even in the United States. But not all items can be mailed. Let's take a look today. What can't international express deliver? Generally, ordinary goods in international express delivery can be mailed, but prohibited items must not be mailed. Prohibited items refer to items prohibited by national laws and regulations, and mainly include: (1) Various types of weapons and ammunition. Such as firearms, bullets, artillery shells, grenades, mines, bombs, etc. (2) Various types of explosive articles. Such as detonators, explosives, gunpowder, firecrackers, etc. (3) Various types of flammable articles, including liquids, gases and solids. Such as gasoline, kerosene, tung oil, alcohol, lacquer, diesel, aerosol, gas lighters, gas cylinders, phosphorus, sulfur, matches and so on. (4) Various corrosive articles. Such as pyrosulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, nitric acid, organic solvents, pesticides, hydrogen peroxide, hazardous chemicals, etc. (5) Various types of radioactive elements and containers. Such as uranium, cobalt, radium, plutonium, etc. (6) All kinds of potent poisons. Such as tincture, cyanide, arsenic, etc. (7) Various types of narcotic drugs. Such as opium (including poppy shell, flowers, bracts, leaves), morphine, cocaine, heroin, cannabis, methamphetamine, ephedrine and other products. (8) Various types of biochemical products and infectious materials. Such as anthrax, dangerous bacteria, medical waste, etc. (9) Various publications, publicity materials, and printed materials that endanger national security, social and political stability, and obscenity. (10) Various articles that hinder public health. Such as dead bones, animal organs, limbs, unskinned animal skins, and unbone animal bones. (11) Items prohibited by national laws, regulations, and administrative regulations from being circulated, delivered, or entered, such as state secret documents and materials, national currencies and counterfeit currencies and securities, simulated weapons, controlled knives, precious cultural relics, and endangered Wild animals and their products. (12) Improper packaging may endanger personal safety, contaminate or damage other articles, equipment, etc. (13) It is forbidden to send imported articles, etc., in each of the destination countries (regions). Currency of each country, traveller's cheques, bearer notes, platinum, gold, silver and their products, jewelry, precious stones and other valuables. Tobacco, alcohol, medicine, precious medicinal materials, etc. (14) Other items prohibited from being delivered. Perishable items such as fresh meat, fruits, and vegetables; Powdered articles (regardless of color), liquids (regardless of the packaging used), pastes (such as toothpaste, etc.), and goods with danger signs outsourced. In short, items belonging to the type of international express embargo items must not be mailed. Once found, they will be confiscated, and they will bear legal liability if they are serious. In order to ensure the security of international mail delivery, you can consult the courier companies before mailing whether the items are prohibited.
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