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What are the ways to send something to abroad

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-08
Have friends or relatives living abroad to study, want to send something for them, from domestic to choose what way? VIPU international logistics Supply Chain more experience in this respect, introduce several ways were summarized. Send something abroad mainly there are several ways: 1, the international EMS, EMS is managed by the upu under international express mail service, the service in customs, aviation departments are entitled to priority, it with high speed and high quality for the user passed urgent letters, documents, international and domestic financial instruments, product samples and other kinds of documents and goods. Age 3 - 7 working days to arrive. Advantages: low discount, cheap and fine, any goods are according to the weight computation of the volume. 500 grams of the following items can be calculated by file prices. Can on the day of receiving, operating on the same day, the day on the Internet, customs clearance ability. Carrying through the item more than, other companies limit operation items it can deliver. Such as: food, health care products, cosmetics, famous brand of imitation bags, boxes, clothing, shoes and other gifts and all kinds of special goods, etc. Weakness: speed slow. Query website information lag, prudent countries less, once appear problem queries can only make a written query, for a long time. 2, UPS, UPS is the world's largest express carrier and package delivery company, as well as transportation, logistics, capital, and the leading provider of e-commerce services. 2 - aging normal circumstances 4 working days. Advantages: fast, particularly in the United States to 48 hours, more than 200 countries and regions all over the world have network, query website information update quickly, have a problem to solve in time. The bad: high discount. Volume is significant in actual weight by volume weight, the accepted. 3, DHL, Fedex express delivery to worldwide customers and enterprises to provide transportation, electronic commerce and business operation and so on a series of comprehensive services, aged 2 - normally 4 working days. Advantages: fast, especially three working days to Europe and southeast Asia two working days, delivery network all over the world, the query site cargo status updates in a timely manner, encounter problems to solve fast, 21 kg goods more separate big goods prices, parts of big goods prices higher than international bottom, save cost. Disadvantages: small goods discount high, 20 - higher than the international EMS charge Around 30%, the volume is big in the actual weight according to the weight computation cost, volume of the consignment goods limits more refused many special commodities. In addition to foreign students, Chinese service, help you act as purchasing agency of domestic products, consignment, commodity prices + domestic freight international freight + = what you need to pay fees. Ultra low freight, DHL4 fold. : 4, FEDEX FEDEX express delivery to worldwide customers and enterprises to provide transportation, electronic commerce and business operation and so on a series of comprehensive services, aged 2 - normally 4 working days. Advantages: highly recommended to the prices in the price of South America and Europe, and the other company is reported in the most expensive area, 30 - published prices differ 40%. Website information update quickly, the whole network coverage, query response quickly. Weakness: the discount is about 15% higher than the same Courier company and heavy volume of more than the actual weight by volume weight, to ship the goods more restricted. 5, TNT, TNT express is the world's leading supplier of express mail service, enterprises and individuals to provide a full range of Courier and postal services, aged 2 - 4 working days. Advantages: fast, especially to Western Europe 3 working days, the network is complete, the query website information update quickly, encounter problems timely response. Disadvantages: in the relative strength of the big four international express delivery giant is weak in a company, for the goods is limited. 6, China post, aviation packet, air water and land, water and land way, the price is the published price of around 6 fold. Aging air parcel normal 15 working days or so, air water and land way around January, road 1 - land and water 2 months or so. Advantages: low valuation lifting per 100 grams of billing. Customs clearance ability is strong, can mail items very much ( Such as food, medicine, health care products, cosmetics, designer bags, clothes, shoes, all kinds of gifts and many special goods, etc. ) Distributed network all over the world. Disadvantages: limit weight 2 kg, delivery time is longer, reach the state of the goods in many countries cannot query tracking on the site. China postal air parcel, air bag surface road, land and water bag. Aging advantages disadvantages as well as small. Billing, measured by per kg weight according to the different 20 - each country 30 kg. Directly to find them, of course, in terms of price is more expensive, so send something can find their agents, such as VIPU Supply Chain international has enclosed DHL, EMS, Fedex, Ups and other well-known international express the level of the agency, the price is only for official price 30% 50%, if you have this convenient demand can inquire.
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