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What are the ways to achieve zero inventory?

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-02-17
Supply chain logistics, third-party logistics, and other new logistics systems all consider zero inventory service as an important form of customer service. In order to reduce costs, enterprises also use zero inventory as a cost reduction in organizing their logistics systems. A job to improve the overall operation level. The resource planning method can achieve zero inventory planning. However, the realization of zero inventory must be completed outside an effective physical logistics system. The planning method alone is not enough. No inventory reserve In fact, the non-stock reserve still holds the reserve, but does not use the form of inventory (for example, the storage of unused warehouse items as a guide for warehouse roadblocks) to achieve zero inventory. 2. Entrust third-party logistics warehouses to store and store goods The third-party logistics warehouse is a specialized and highly socialized warehouse. Entrust such a warehouse or logistics organization to store the goods. From the perspective of the phenomenon, it means that the goods owned by the user are stored in a warehouse with a high degree of specialization, and the latter acts as the agent to store and send the goods, and the user pays the service fee to the trustee according to certain standards. Store and store goods in this way. Under normal circumstances, users do not have to store too much material, or even need to set up a separate warehouse to engage in maintenance and storage of goods. In a certain range, they can achieve zero inventory and non-stock production. 3. Collaborative Subcontracting It is mainly a form of industrial structure of manufacturing enterprises. This form can be supplied on time by the flexible production of several enterprises, so that the supply inventory of the main enterprise is zero, while the concentrated sales inventory of the main enterprise makes the sales inventory of several subcontracted labor services and sales enterprises zero. 4. Adopting timely and appropriate production methods Just-in-time (JIT) production method, that is, 'when needed, produce the required product in the required amount'. This is an advanced management model developed on the basis of the production method of Japan's Toyota Corporation. It is a management model designed to eliminate all inefficient labor, realize the optimal allocation of enterprise resources, and comprehensively improve the economic benefits of enterprises. The Kanban method is a simple and effective method in a timely and appropriate production method. It is also called a voucher system or card system. The kanban method requires a fixed format card as a voucher between each process of the enterprise or between the enterprises or between the production enterprise and the supplier. The next step is to supply the next step according to its own pace and against the direction of the production process. The goal is to make the manufacturing plan, purchase plan, and supply plan synchronized under the coordination of the synchronized supply chain plan. In the specific operation process, you can control the amount of inventory by increasing or decreasing the number of kanbans. 5. Make-to-order production Under the pull (PULL) production method, the company starts production only after receiving the customer's order. All production activities of the company are purchased, manufactured, and distributed according to the order. The warehouse is no longer a traditional way of storing materials. Warehouse. It is a 'hub' in the process of material circulation and a station in logistics operations. The goods flow according to the order information requirements, so the dead goods are basically eliminated, and the 'inventory' is also eliminated. 6. Implement a reasonable distribution method In general, without buffer stock, production and distribution operations are more sensitive to inaccurate delivery times. Whether it is the means of production, or finished products, logistics and distribution affects its inventory to a certain extent. Therefore, by establishing a sound logistics system and implementing a reasonable distribution method, the company timely delivers the items produced according to the order to the user. In the process, the items are transported and processed in circulation to reduce inventory. Enterprises can achieve the zero inventory by adopting a standard zero inventory supply operation mode and a reasonable distribution system to enable items to be stored during transportation. (1) Use 'multi-batch, low-batch' method to deliver goods to users. The enterprise concentrates on the needs of each user, arranges and implements the whole vehicle transportation. It increases the number of delivery times, reduces the delivery volume of each user and each batch, and improves the transportation efficiency. The distribution company can also directly deliver the goods to the workshop and the production line. As a result, the production company exhibits a state of zero inventory. (2) Use the method of centralized inventory to deliver goods to users. Through the method of centralized inventory delivery to users, increasing inventory is goods and quantity, forming a scale advantage, reducing unit product costs. At the same time, with the support of this guaranteed distribution service system, users' inventory will naturally weaken. (3) Use 'instant delivery' and 'just-in-time delivery' methods to deliver goods to users. To meet the special requirements of customers. In terms of delivery methods, enterprises use the methods of 'instant delivery' and 'just-in-time delivery' to deliver goods to users. 'Instant delivery' and 'just-in-time delivery' have the characteristics of flexible, stable delivery time, and large supply elasticity coefficient. Therefore, as a producer and operator, using this method, the inventory pressure can be greatly reduced, and even the enterprise will choose to cancel the inventory To achieve zero inventory.
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