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What are the way New Zealand logistics home, furniture pay tax?

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-06
International logistics to New Zealand for us, is also a regular service; Perfect packaging, standard service, zero tariff immigration, mature home extension services. Then come back from New Zealand logistics, what mode of transportation, check the goods such as furniture to need not pay tax? VIPU international Supply Chain based on years of service experience, provide the following logistics to advice, help you to more easily complete logistics to return home. A, New Zealand, several kinds of mode of transportation logistics returned 1, the shipper is similar to a bulk shipping service company, together with you friends and classmates group check in, or use a few logistics lp and Internet platform release information area group, this together with group members to achieve & other; Quantity for price & throughout; The effect. 2, shipping logistics services to all objects in professional packaging, shipping to your nearest port, domestic in private baggage clearance, will deliver goods to your home, put in place, demolition of the outer packing, remove debris, and provide furniture installation services. 3, air freight logistics service to pack all the items on the door, after transfer to warehouse made to verify the tray of air transport, air to the airport customs warehouse, in personal luggage way, after the completion of the goods delivery to the destination, after the demolition of the tray in place specific choose what way to home, you can according to the amount that you want to transport goods to choose the best mode of transportation. 2, furniture imports in New Zealand if you want to buy some furniture back to home, so today to import furniture, we talk about what are the process, should pay tax? 1 reception, hosting our furniture in New Zealand, New Zealand warehouse process, there are two kinds of situation; The door packaging range respectively, new furniture manufacturers overseas logistics warehouse. Whether it is belong to which kind of, our warehouse in New Zealand can convenient service for every customer to provide convenient. Also, if you need the door, we can arrange the team to complete the door of New Zealand packaging, documents making, filing and so on a series of service and standard work procedures. If it is a new furniture transport, need will give to our shopping list in advance to prepare documents; Overseas warehouse warehouse inventory cost is higher, the reasonable coordination of transport cycle is also effective saving scheme. 2, from leaving the country to declare and shipping booking space outside the declaration procedure is relatively simple, only need to provide listing can complete filing work; Shipping booking is in the range of our service, we are booking before and can you please confirm the consignee or consignor information. Furniture import to China will have to produce tariffs, so in the booking of shipping the recipient information is particularly important at this stage. 3, import customs clearance for import Chinese furniture furniture, generally speaking, the daily furniture ( Beds, chairs, cabinets, etc. ) Is zero tariff, is just a new 17% VAT, 9401940, 2940, chapter 3 and other products are basic duties. Main need furniture import declaration documents among them has: the bill of lading, packing list and invoice, trade contracts, certificate of origin, fumigation certificate, phytosanitary certificate. In addition to the diplomats, others furniture import customs clearance in China will produce tariffs, so the import process are in accordance with the general trade way to customs clearance. Specific process is as follows: ( 1) Foreign good furniture, arrange the shipping to the port of Hong Kong or mainland China ports. ( 2) Furniture to port after, to the shipping company in single, prepared to customs clearance data submitted. ( 3) Inspection after the customs form, customs declaration, customs appraisal no problem, after the tax return, the guest pay taxes. ( 4) The customs nuclear after-tax, arrange inspection, no problem for inspection, customs, arrange the trailer home delivery. Three, logistics back the customs clearance data: 1, the people of Hong Kong: return card, issued by the local police station registration form of temporary residence ( Valid for more than a year, business or settle) , work permit, the company proof, etc. 2, return of Chinese citizens: original passport 2, original visa, if you have already got some in one country can provide the original PR, PR company proved that self-used goods declaration form of import and export, etc. 3, students: 1, original passport, visa, study proves that the student id card. Personal belongings, personal baggage and personal items to import, in addition to the electrical appliances furniture customs regulation need tax items, don't have to pay tax, such as individual clothing footwear bedding, picture album, kitchen supplies, such as bowl dish dish such as tableware, toys, books, etc are duty-free imports, home appliance is generally in accordance with regulations of the customs of 20% on the price.
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