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What are the three inspections for import customs

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-09-03
What is legal inspection/commodity inspection

   Legal inspection means legal inspection. It means that the goods whose supervision condition is A[import] or B[export] on the customs declaration form must be submitted to the customs clearance form of the inspection bureau when declaring.

   If there is no A or B, it is not considered as a legal inspection cargo. There is no need to provide a customs clearance form during customs declaration.

  Commodity inspection, which correctly means the abbreviation of commodity inspection, is part of the work of the Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau. However, people in the industry usually refer to the inspection and quarantine of all imported and exported goods as commodity inspection. In fact, the meaning of commodity inspection here should be: animal and plant quarantine, commodity inspection, and sanitary quarantine, which are three inspections.

   Commodity inspection is required for any import or export goods. But it is not necessarily legal inspection.

   This is very important, and it is also the reason why many people confuse the concepts of commodity inspection and legal inspection.

Only goods that meet the following conditions need to be inspected:

1. The goods in the catalog that require inspection

2. Goods from the United States, Japan, South Korea and the European Union

3. Goods certified for specific tax relief

4. Other goods that require legal inspection

Note: Only the commonly used ones are listed.

Process of commodity inspection: Import commodity inspection implements the principle of 'clearance first, inspection and quarantine later'.

   First determine whether it is a legal inspection (legal inspection) goods. If not, no entry and exit clearance form is required for customs declaration. That is to say, the goods are not legal inspection (legal inspection) goods.

   If yes, then you need to provide the information to the Commodity Inspection Bureau for commodity inspection. The commodity inspection personnel will review the written materials provided and describe the goods based on the written information to determine whether the goods need to be inspected on site. The items of site inspection are usually animal and plant quarantine, commodity inspection, sanitary quarantine, etc., which are the so-called three inspections (some people call it animal health inspection). And issue an entry clearance form, and declare to the customs with this clearance form.

   If the commodity inspector issues a 'site commodity inspection' for the goods, then after the customs release, the goods need to be consigned to the venue designated by the Commodity Inspection Bureau for on-site commodity inspection, that is, the third inspection (moving health inspection). After that the goods are allowed to be shipped to the destination.

  Export commodity inspection is similar to import commodity inspection, depending on whether the supervision condition of the customs declaration has B.
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