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What are the steps required to ship personal items to Melbourne?

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-03-12
Why ship personal belongings to Melbourne? One is because the furniture that has been used at home for many years is reluctant, and the other is that the same furniture is much more expensive in Australia. Faced with such a situation, the time has come to test you. What steps are required to ship personal belongings to Melbourne? VIPU Supply Chain International Logistics offers you the following: First, the estimated volume of the cargo. If the volume of the cargo is less than 15 cubic meters, LCL is cheaper; if the volume of the cargo is 15-25 cubic meters, you can take a 20-foot container; (20GP inner size: 5.898×2.352 ×2.385M) If 25-55 cubic meters, you can walk a 40-foot container; (40GP inner size: 12.032×2.352×2.385M) If 55-65 cubic meters, you can walk a 40-foot ultra-high container. (Inner size of 40HQ: 12.032×2.352×2.69M) But there is one thing to note when transporting in containers. Not all addresses in Australia can enter the trailer. The reason is: the telegraph poles in the Australian residential areas are very low and cannot enter the trailer. Therefore, the cabinets of immigration logistics generally have to be dismantled locally and replaced by trucks for delivery. (As shown in the picture) Only in the warehouse area, the factory area can enter the whole container trailer; second, the packing should be noted: Australian immigrants can not bring: books and DVD food (dry goods and meat) related to politics and religion ( Traditional Chinese medicine, health care products and other medicines and alcohol are not good unless you express some small amounts for personal use.) Old furniture must be cleaned up to avoid dust. Generally speaking, please consult with special items. It is necessary to confirm customs clearance to make a transportation plan to avoid customs detention and fines. And packaging wooden racks must explain to the factory not to use moldy, blackened, or moth-eaten wood, because Australian customs have strict inspections on wooden racks. If they do not meet the requirements, Australian customs will require a second fumigation, and the second fumigation in Australia The cost is about 1,000 Australian dollars, which is more expensive. Remember to remember! Third, pick up and deliver the goods to the designated logistics warehouse. Fourth, you provide documents and certificates, because you have to declare customs clearance in your own name. Fifth, export declaration. Sixth, sail and arrive at the port. Seventh, wait for customs clearance after arriving in Hong Kong. Eighth, waiting for customs clearance, the customs will review the documents, as long as the documents are clearly declared, there is no problem with the X-ray machine, and the clearance will be quick. Ninth, Australian import GST tax and tariff collection details: Import GST u003d (value of goods + ocean freight (20USD/CBM) + insurance + tariff) x 10% tariff u003d tax rate (5%-10%, general commodity is 5 %) x The import tax of goods valued goods is expected to be 1-5%, which can be inquired at http://www.customs.gov.au/ for specific customs documents; sometimes due to quarantine or customs inspection fees ,According to the local national customs invoices, the actual sales are reported. Tenth, waiting for receipt.
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