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What are the small problems that Amazon FBA sellers

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-08-25
VIPUTRANS specializes in international freight forwarding services such as FBA first trip, Amazon FBA first trip, cross-border logistics FBA, and China-US dedicated line logistics. Next, I will tell you what small problems Amazon sellers will encounter when sending FBA and how to solve them.
   VIPUTRANS is focused on international freight forwarding business such as FBA first trip, Amazon FBA first trip, cross-border logistics FBA, China-US dedicated line logistics. Next, I will tell you what small problems Amazon sellers will encounter when sending FBA and how to solve them.

   1. When domestic delivery is converted to FBA Amazon delivery, there are too many products to display all on one page, and it is impossible to select all at once. You can select the products that can be selected first, create an FBA plan, then return to the inventory, select the remaining ones, and add them to the created FBA plan. With the FBA plan established, you can add or delete any product at any time, not a one-time choice.

2. When creating the FBA plan, the size and weight are incorrectly written and the fee preview is overspend. What should I do? Go to the back-end inventory, find the product, edit the product, in More Details, pull the package information in the middle, and modify it normally. . After the modification, if the FBA plan is still abnormal, you can leave it alone for a while, and the inspection remains unchanged after entering the warehouse, and you can contact customer service for correction.

   3. Regarding the FBA tax. (Only the United States, Europe is stricter) Some friends worry that they will be taxed if they send tens of kilograms or thousands of dollars. Please don't worry, there are indeed risks in this regard. But for now, very few will be taxed. Generally, for goods under a few hundred kilograms, you can ignore any taxes. In other words, there is no need to find some express logistics with prepaid tariffs or service fees. If you want to be as safe as possible, choose it.

  4. If the FBA is too heavy, will it be rejected? (Only in the United States, Europe is stricter) If it is overweight, it will not be rejected, but you will receive a warning. After receiving the warning, you only need to go to the corresponding place to acknowledge the normal warehousing process. It doesn't matter if this happens several times. If the violation is not corrected, the FBA will be temporarily suspended. A box of mixed packaging cannot exceed 50 pounds. It is useless to exceed the TEAM LIFT. TEAM LIFT can be attached to a box of over 50 pounds per SKU. (TEAM LIFT printing method, directly print out these two words and paste them in a conspicuous place.)

  5. Establish an FBA plan and lay a good order, but there are fewer or more postings. Is there any problem? Generally, there is no problem with fewer postings. It’s okay to post a few more, but it’s best not to post too many.

  6. ??What freight forwarder do I look for when I send FBA? Many people look for some FBA headline companies, and they need to prepay tariffs or charge non-refundable service fees. For the United States, this is a completely unnecessary waste of money. Just look for any freight forwarder that can send express, treat FBA as a customer and just remember to put the address label on the outer box.

  7. How to pack the FBA products? Just make sure that the FBA is not broken. Some companies need to be professional and put on bags with LOGO. If it is not a professional route, you can directly label the product without packaging. Take clothing as an example. Generally, the incoming clothes have a transparent plastic bag, and you can just stick the label on the transparent plastic bag. If the product is fragile and cannot be crushed, it can be packaged properly, or the beginning sentence, your packaging can ensure that the FBA is not broken.

   VIPUTRANS Logistics Co., Ltd. focuses on one-stop service of foreign FBA first-haul and Amazon FBA first-haul transportation services. The company's routes cover all Amazon warehouses, no overseas registration is required. You only need a phone call or an email, and we can safely transport your goods to Amazon warehouses, saving you all the trouble.
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