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What are the small experience sharing of Amazon operations?

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-02-03
Amazon is looking for its own sellers in the laughter of 2020. Will the next Amazon seller be you? What kind of introductory experience does Amazon have? One. Product Development 1. First, search for relevant keywords in Amazon to see how much the relevant supply in the upper left corner ( If you don't enter the first 20 or 400 pages, don't worry, they won't become your competitors at all) According to the principle of 28, 20% of this supply is the number of your competitors. 2. The monthly search volume is divided by the number of competitors in the first step, which is the average traffic per seller per month. According to this judgment, it is blue and red sea. See if this traffic is acceptable to you, so as to decide whether to make this product. 3. Go to merchantwords to search for relevant keywords and see how many related keywords are searched monthly. Two. Published on the shelves 1. When publishing on the independent station, the pictures and descriptions should be quite different from those on Amazon. Otherwise, after the buyer jumps from the independent station to Amazon, there is not much time to stay, which is not conducive to SEO. 2. The pictures of Amazon products should strictly correspond to your bullet points, while your bullet points should strictly correspond to the pain points of buyers and users. 3. Then where are the pain points of Amazon's buyers and users? This is A part of Amazon's operation to understand. All reviews and Q & A of this product's top10, where are the pain points that users care about, bullet points are reflected, and the conversion rate is relatively improved. Three. The accumulation of review 1. If you want to make it bigger, you must accumulate at least 100 super users, which are used for product review, accumulation and evaluation in the early stage. The Structure of super users is preferably composed of real buyers, appraisers and friends. 2. In order to prevent bad reviews from occurring when there are few reviews in the early stage, which greatly affects the conversion rate, a large number of shipments must be made in the early stage, and a deal must be made. Therefore, it is necessary to accumulate at least ten reviews in the early stage. Four. PPC 1 in the station. Don't deliberately pursue the low value of Acos. Acos has a lot to do with your customer price. Advertising can only be profitable or reach your goal. 2. Be sure to conduct data analysis on your advertising report and screen keywords. If there is no data analysis thinking Foundation, or if you don't pay attention to advertising, the seller who burns money will never do Amazon well, and so will other platforms.
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