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what are the sea freight industry trends to watch in 2018?

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-04-30
Global transportation and logistics are developing rapidly.
Many things have happened in this industry, which not only brings challenges, but also brings contemporary problems.
Every week, the market sees a new trend or change, from transport services to technologies used.
Now there is a lot of demand for shipping.
As a result, a structural shift from air freight to sea freight is expected this year.
One of the main reasons behind this is that air freight is basically used for low volume and high volumeValue of goods.
The current changing supply and cost requirements and the improvement of environmental awareness have enabled freight and logistics enterprises to develop innovative and cheaper methods for cargo transportation.
Due to the low cost of shipping costs related to shipping compared to air transportation, it is expected that in 2018, shipping will become a popular way of shipping.
This particular change is mainly reflected in the electronic and pharmaceutical sectors.
What are the effects of significant changes or trends?
Airfreight companies may have significant losses in terms of customer and shipment quantity.
It can also put a lot of pressure on freight forwarders and airlines to get them huge fear solutions and service standards.
However, some supply air freight is considered to be the fastest mode of transportation, so it should not be ignored that the companies involved in this business may maintain a good position.
The sea freight forwarding market serves the society by providing the following services:than-Container loading (LCL)
Full container load (FCL).
Between the two, full-load containers record a leading share.
China, Japan, the European Union, and India are the major countries that are widely involved in maritime services.
Therefore, the logistics industry in these countries may change dramatically.
Among them, European countries may have the largest share of the global shipping market.
Last year, the European market grew by 30% in this area.
Due to the increase in goods transported by sea,
There may be capacity problems in some industries.
To be ahead of others, they must be prepared to face or respond to these challenges.
This will also help them to meet the customer\'s requirements and ship without any problems.
In addition to this, the Internet of Things is affecting the work of almost every department.
Now, when air freight companies consider digitisation in carrying out terrorist operations, shipping will also be affected.
Technologies such as cloud storage, online data collection and Internet usage
It is expected that there will be connected devices in the industry in the next few months.
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