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What are the requirements for wooden box packaging

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-09-03
   In order to facilitate the smooth progress of foreign trade, the packaging requirements for foreign trade exports are now uniformly required to meet the requirements of the 'Export Commodity Transport Packaging Wooden Box Inspection Regulations'. Please see the analysis below for details.

The main load-bearing components of wooden box packaging should be larch, masson pine, purple cloud pine, white pine, elm wood and other tree species with similar mechanical properties. The moisture content of the main load-bearing components should not exceed 25%. The moisture content of wood in the stalls and other parts is not more than 20%.

1. Requirements for material

   The main force-bearing components and the box plate shall not exceed 5 dead and live joints within 1000mm, and no defects such as decay, through cracks, sandwiching, worm eyes, mildew, and blunt edges are allowed.

2. Process

  The seams of the box boards should be tight, the box board combination should be flat and without dislocation, and the cloth nails should be reasonable. The reinforcement tape shall not be less than two, the printing should be clear, the handwriting should be clear, and the commodity inspection code should be printed correctly.

  There is also a reminder from the manufacturer: the height of the general forklift is 200px, in order to facilitate transportation, the height of the wooden box packaging base should be greater than 225px. The selection of plates must be based on the weight of the goods, and the plates used for heavy items must be thickened. For the wooden box packaging method of machinery and equipment, the machine must be placed inside the wooden box and secured with wooden strips.

   The smooth progress of foreign trade is beneficial but not beneficial to both the exporter and the exported party. Therefore, it is necessary to meet the above regulations in terms of wooden box packaging.
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