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What are the problems with end delivery? It's

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-02-27
The so-called terminal distribution refers to the logistics delivered to consumers, and is a logistics activity that meets the terminal (customer) of the distribution link as a direct purpose. Although today's e-commerce, new retail, and Internet companies have pioneered the end-of-line distribution system, they still have many problems that affect the consumer experience. So, what are the problems with contemporary end delivery? Let's find out together. I. Demand 1. Uneven distribution of orders limits distribution efficiency In the early stage of market development, the order volume will grow very quickly, and companies need to match enough delivery staff. However, there is a natural contradiction between the uneven distribution of order times and locations and the stability of transportation capacity. At the noon peak and evening peak, insufficient capacity is likely to occur. At the trough, excess capacity will be generated, causing waste of resources and affecting distribution efficiency. 2. Consumers' requirements for distribution have further increased Consumers' requirements for logistics and distribution are more stringent than in the past in terms of speed, security, and service. Not only do I want to be able to deliver and receive goods immediately, improve convenience, but also emphasize distribution security. In addition, consumers' assessment standards for services are also being refined and expanded, and the attitudes of delivery staff and the quality of goods will also become assessment points. 3. Diversified product categories and specifications, increasing the difficulty of distribution The types of goods delivered by instant logistics are increasing, from the initial take-out to supermarkets, snacks, fresh food, and e-commerce express delivery. Products with different categories have different requirements for delivery. In addition, the difference in product specifications also increases the difficulty of distribution. Supply side 1.High turnover rate of distribution personnel Maintaining a stable team of distributors is critical to the development of a distribution platform. However, the current logistics industry has a problem of high turnover of distribution personnel. Investigating the reasons, the following three factors exist: low job search thresholds, strong substitutability, weak platform constraints on personnel, and inadequate basic security systems. 2. The operation threshold is high, and a good trust and cooperation mechanism needs to be established with stakeholders. In recent years, many real-time logistics platforms have emerged one after another, bringing convenience to people's lives, but the problems of platform qualifications and the integrity of delivery staff are still worrying. At present, each platform can only build a good brand image by relying on the reputation accumulated over a long period of time. With the expansion of distribution categories, users and platforms are facing higher risks. In addition, drug-trafficking, fraud and other illegal crimes committed by the same-city direct delivery service also make the instant logistics platform face regulatory problems. 3.The technical threshold is high. Centralized scheduling requires artificial intelligence technology and multi-dimensional data accumulation. The real-time logistics industry is fiercely competitive. With the reduction of O2O platform subsidies and the continuous maturity of real-time logistics products, companies need to improve technical efficiency and reduce distribution costs through technical means. To master machine learning algorithms, companies also need platforms to accumulate large amounts of daily operational data. Of course, in addition to the points mentioned by the editor, there are also some problems such as severe time conflicts between delivery and customers, scattered customers, and difficult vehicle arrangements. At present, both enterprises and national policies have provided corresponding countermeasures for the problem of terminal distribution. In the future, China's terminal distribution problems will be solved and improved one by one.
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