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What are the precautions for Sino-US cross-border

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-08-17
  Cross-border e-commerce is a new type of trade and a new type of business, with a broad market space and good development prospects. For China's foreign trade exports, cross-border e-commerce can effectively resolve the current outstanding problems faced by foreign trade companies, effectively expand the market, promote transformation, build brands, and build cross-border e-commerce into a new growth point for foreign trade exports.

   Among them, logistics is an important foundation and support for the development of cross-border e-commerce, and it is also one of the main bottlenecks in the development of cross-border e-commerce in China. The goods are delivered from the warehouse and delivered to the recipient in a safe and intact state. The customer receives not only a piece of goods, but also a shopping experience. In order for the goods to complete a safe and efficient logistics journey, what are the preliminary preparations and precautions?

1. Confirm whether the shipping address is correct (after the goods are delivered to the logistics provider, it is quite troublesome to temporarily request the address to be changed in the transit state, and it may not be 100% changed, and may incur costs, and the time limit will definitely affect) ;

  2, understand the local customs clearance requirements with the freight forwarding salesperson, and then submit the relevant information to the freight forwarding company when distributing the goods;

  3. Friends of direct e-commerce customers must provide triplicate invoices with the goods when shipping, and cannot be handwritten or altered;

  4. If it is sent to the forwarding company by express or logistics, it is best to notify the clerk of the forwarding company in advance so that he is ready for handover;

  5. Take pictures and keep the bottom, and verify the actual weight and volume weight, so as to avoid weight disputes with the forwarder, which may cause unnecessary delays or misunderstandings;

   6. Fragile products should be labeled with a fragile label when they leave the factory. Then deliver to the agency;

  7. Maintain a good communication with the freight forwarding clerk in charge of your company, so that you can get timely feedback if you have any information, so that you can prepare accordingly.
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