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What are the precautions for shipping to Japan FBA?

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-01-29
Storage fee: calculate the volume according to the size of all goods stored in Amazon operation center and calculate the storage space actually occupied by the goods stored in the operation center every day. Inventory storage fees are charged monthly only for the space actually occupied. Distribution fee: it consists of the 'delivery operation fee' generated when the goods are ready for delivery such as packaging and bundling after receiving the order, and the 'weight handling fee' generated when the goods are sent to the buyer. The distribution fee is based on the amount, type, size and weight of the goods, it can be divided into six categories: 'large commodities', 'High commodities', 'Media small commodities', 'media standard commodities', 'non-media small commodities' and 'non-media standard commodities. What are the precautions for shipping to Japan FBA? . Jpg Japan Amazon FBA head entry notes: 1. Be sure to provide Japanese importers (Company or individual) It is basically impossible to complete customs clearance without the cooperation of importers. (Customs will confirm the local tax number by phone). 2. Description of Japan's import tariff and consumption tax: importing most of Japan's goods (80-90%) It is duty-free, but if the freight plus the value of the goods is more than 10 thousand yen, 8% consumption tax will be paid. The average tax rate for a small number of products is (3-5%) For example, plastic products, aluminum products, etc. , but if the freight plus the value of the ticket Express is less than 10 thousand yen, there is no tariff or consumption tax, otherwise, if it exceeds 10 thousand yen, it must be paid (3-5%)The import tariff and the consumption tax of 8%. Then what is the first customs clearance process of Japan's FBA: 1. Before sending the goods, the sender must coordinate with the importer on customs clearance and receipt of the goods to ensure that the goods arrive in the local area, customs clearance contacts will cooperate with service providers or customs clearance agents to solve matters needing attention in customs clearance of goods. 2. The shipping invoice must indicate the real importer (Buyer or customs clearance agent) Company name, address, primary contact, contact information (Telephone, cell phone and email)3. Shuttle fabric ( Simply understood as inelastic pants, such as jeans, etc) If the freight plus value is less than 10 thousand yen, there will be no import tariff and consumption tax, otherwise there will be 7-10. 9% import tariff plus consumption tax.
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