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What are the precautions for importing tea and

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-09-05
Our professional agent of imported tea types: Sri Lanka tea, Taiwan tea, British tea, Singapore tea, Indian tea, Malaysian tea

Our professional tea import agent provides related supporting services: import customs declaration, tea Chinese label filing, enterprise filing, tax payment, commodity inspection, labeling, warehousing, loading and unloading, sanitation certificate processing, distribution and transportation and other complete services.

1. Qualifications required by domestic consignees of tea imports:
1. The right to import and export food
2. Food circulation permit

2. Information that needs to be provided when importing tea, etc. abroad:
1, packing list
2. contact
3. Invoice
4. Certificate of origin
5. Phytosanitary certificate
6. Sanitary certificate
7. Supplement Facts
8. Label sample for both original language and Chinese

3. Introduction to the tea import process:
1. Prepare the source of goods abroad and prepare the necessary documents
2. Send the information to our company and handle the 'Consignee Enterprise Record' and 'Label Record'
3. Arrange foreign shipments to designated domestic ports, and provide original documents such as packing list, invoice, and contract
4. When the goods arrive at the port, our company arranges to pick up the goods, declare to the commodity inspection and declare to the customs
5. Customs review of documents, tax bills, tax payment, customs inspections and commodity inspection arrangements
6. Arrange the goods to the designated warehouse, affix Chinese labels, and ask the commodity inspector to sample and test
7. A health report will be issued after passing the test
8. Release and delivery
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