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What are the multinational logistics lp service content

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-03-13
Immigration abroad, means that be about to go to overseas logistics, also is to undertake international logistics. International logistics is different from the general logistics, distance, cycle is long, is more complicated than that. So complicated things handle yourself very trouble, of course, choose multinational company can save a lot of trouble. So multinational logistics lp service content? VIPU international logistics Supply Chain based on years of service experience, summed up the following service content. 1, consulting services when you want to immigration, logistics, you can call international logistics lp, consulting logistics related issues. Such as logistics cost, transportation is prohibited, logistics lp customer service staff will provide you with a detailed answer 2, on-site measuring volume and package if you need a logistics service, logistics lp will arrange staff free door-to-door volume measurement evaluation, and provide you with accurate quotation. If your item is more, logistics lp can offer you the professional packaging service, ensure the safety of your goods in the transport process. 3, door-to-door container ship and order customs international logistics lp will according to your choice of the mode of transportation, will arrange the door receiving. When the door receiving international logistics lp customer service staff will provide the door receiving vehicle information, container information, the driver name and contact information to you, for your confirmation to verify. After waiting for cargo warehousing, international logistics lp will arrange booking the customs declaration. 4, Marine bill of lading issued by waiting for your items after sailing shipment, shipping company will issue a Marine bill of lading ( Pick up the goods proof) To international logistics lp, customer service staff will send you copy of the Marine bill of lading. Customer service staff will transport dynamic tracking object at the same time, and provide to you, and so that your supervision. 5 container to the front of the port, customs clearance, is responsible for customs clearance abroad company get in touch with you, then you must be a multinational logistics lp for you arrange the customs clearance data, Marine bill of lading and passport and immigration paper under the relevant documents, such as delivery is responsible for the clearance of the company, they will be in after receiving your information, three to five working days for you to complete the customs clearance procedure. Such as destination countries need to looking for you ask immigration and customs, this needs you personally to the scene, such as Canada customs requires to in person. 6, door to door delivery when the goods after completion of customs clearance, you only need to wait at home, international logistics lp will arrange personnel to send your things to where you live, and put in place to clear away the rubbish. International logistics journey far longer, so choose a easier then the international logistics lp, hope everybody needs friends of the multinational logistics after see this article, there can be a reference, to make logistics more satisfactory.
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