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What are the matters needing attention in tea transportation?

by:VIPUTRANS     2019-12-28
Tea is a product with very high requirements on temperature, humidity and light, so many people have given up refrigerated trucks in order to ensure the taste of tea during transportation. Then what matters need attention in tea transportation. The following is a detailed introduction by the editor. First of all, whether it is short-distance transportation or long-distance transportation, it is necessary to avoid moisture in the carriage during transportation, and to keep temperature control and ventilation at any time to prevent rain during transportation. Secondly, transportation vehicles must be clean, dry and odorless. If transportation is carried out under high temperature, it is recommended to select a vehicle flow with adjustable temperature, only in this way can the oxidation deterioration of tea be avoided during transportation and its taste and aroma be affected. What matters need attention in the transportation of tea? Then, the packaging of tea should be moisture-proof, oxidation-proof and gas-proof. Anti-oxidation is because if the oxygen content in the package is too much, it will lead to the oxidation and deterioration of some components in the tea, resulting in deterioration of the taste of the tea. Moisture-proof is because the moisture in tea is the medium of biochemical changes in tea, and low moisture content is conducive to the preservation of tea quality. The reason why the air is blocked is that the aroma of tea volatilizes quickly and is easily affected by the outside world. In order to avoid the taste of tea not changing, attention must be paid to these packaging work. In fact, to sum up, there are three points. First, the selected vehicles are clean and tidy. Second, the vehicles should be well protected from moisture. Third, the packaging of tea. If these three points can be done well, then the transportation of tea is not a problem.
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