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What are the marketing models of overseas warehouses?

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-01-25
Overseas warehouses are the product of cross-border e-commerce. More and more cross-border logistics have the existence of overseas warehouses. Overseas warehouses not only provide strong logistics support for cross-border sellers, it also provides certain convenience for overseas buyers. Therefore, under the current logistics industry, the important role of overseas warehouses is becoming more and more prominent. What is the marketing model of overseas warehouse? Next, follow the editor to have a look! Marketing model of overseas warehouse: 1) Through the big data precision inquiry system and conventional foreign trade means, we can understand the demand, marketing and trade barriers of the target market countries. 2) , Enterprises apply to join the overseas warehouse system, ship samples, small quantities of goods into the target market countries or surrounding FTZCOC overseas warehouses, exhibition and trade centers for display, exhibition, distribution, warehousing, distribution and other work. 3) , Overseas warehouses, exhibition and trade centers, factories, enterprise service centers, etc. , through online and offline means at home and abroad, carry out marketing publicity on factory products, overseas exhibition and trade centers, overseas warehouses, etc, expand visibility, attract customers, and achieve the purpose of the transaction. 4) , The factory contacts customers through overseas warehouses and exhibition and trade center platforms, and bulk products are settled in overseas warehouses and distributed to customers, or the factory directly delivers goods to customers. 5) The factory uses the warehousing, logistics, bonded storage and processing functions of the overseas warehouse group to carry out production and processing business abroad to avoid tariff barriers. 6) , Overseas Warehouse Group, exhibition and trade center and local enterprise service centers, etc. , organize overseas local promotion, small language websites, e-commerce marketing, online marketing, overseas advertising, exhibitions, exhibition centers, etc. to carry out publicity, and provide overseas market information, business docking, customs data, product entry, warehouse management, payment recovery and other services, combined with factory or enterprise exhibitions, websites, networks and other promotion methods, jointly build the overseas warehouse model of the enterprise's overseas marketing network platform. The above is about the overseas warehouse marketing model. If you want to know more about the overseas warehouse model, please continue to pay attention to our VIPUTRANS!
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