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What are the main ports on the Black Sea Line?

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-07-17
   The Black Sea is the inland sea between southeastern Europe and Asia Minor Peninsula. It is named after the dark and dark waters and storms. The Black Sea is connected to the Mediterranean Sea through the Bosphorus Strait, Marmara Sea, Dardanelles Strait to the west, and connected to the Sea of ??Azov through the Kerch Strait to the north. The Black Sea is shaped like an ellipse. The east-west is 1150 kilometers long, the north-south is 611 kilometers wide, the middle is the narrowest 263 kilometers, the area is 422,000 square kilometers, and the coastline is about 3400 kilometers long. The average water depth is 1315 meters and the maximum water depth is 2210 meters. The Black Sea is in the large inland sea at the southeastern tip of Europe, with Ukraine on the north, Russia on the northeast, Georgia on the east, Turkey on the south, and Bulgaria, Romania, and Moldova on the west. The Black Sea is a shipping route connecting Ukraine, Bulgaria, Romania, southwestern Russia and the world market.
   The Adriatic Sea is often grouped with the Black Sea on the route. The Adriatic Sea is located between Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Albania. It is a maritime sea in the Mediterranean Sea, and the south is connected to the Ionian Sea through the Otranto Strait.

The main ports on the Black Sea Line are:
  ODESSA (Odessa Russia)  
   BURGAS (Burgas, Bulgaria)
  CONSTANTZA (Constanza Romania)
  ISTANBUL (Istanbul Turkey)

The main ports of the Adriatic Sea are:
  RIJEKA (Rieca Croatia)
  TRIESTE (Trieste, Italy)
  SPLIT (Split Croatia)
  VENICE (Venice Italy)
  KOPER (Koper Slovenia)

The Caribbean Sea belongs to the Atlantic Ocean. The area is about 2,754,000 square kilometers (10.63 million square miles). Located at 9-22° north latitude and 89-60° west longitude. The southern border is Venezuela, Colombia and the coast of Panama; the west borders Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, Guatemala, Belize and the Yucatan Peninsula; the northern border is the Greater Antilles and the east is the Lesser Antilles. Because it is between the two continents, together with the Gulf of Mexico, it was inappropriately called the 'Mediterranean America.' Oceanography is called the Sino-American Sea. The deepest Cayman Trench is between Cuba and Jamaica, reaching 7,686 meters (25,216 feet) deep.

The main ports of the Caribbean route are:
  LA GUAIRA (La Guaira Venezuela)
  PORT OF SPAIN (Port of Spain Trinidad and Tobago)
  PUERTO CABELLO (Porto Cabello Venezuela)
  RIO HAINA (Haina Dominica)
  KINGSTON (Kingston Jamaica)
   BARRANQUILLA (Barranquilla, Colombia)

The main ports of the Red Sea Line are:
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