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What are the main characteristics of air transportation?

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-07-15

Although air cargo started late, its development has been extremely rapid, and it is especially favored by modern enterprise managers. One of the reasons is that it has many advantages that cannot be matched by other modes of transportation. In summary, the main characteristics of air cargo transportation are: :

Air cargo

1. Fast delivery speed Since the birth of the aviation industry, air transportation has been known for its speed. By far, aircraft are still the fastest means of transportation, and the economic cruising speed of common jet aircraft is mostly 850~900 per hour. The speed of transportation greatly shortens the time of goods in transit. For those fresh and perishable products that are perishable and spoiled; time-sensitive and seasonal newspapers and seasonal products; the transportation of emergency and emergency supplies, this feature is especially Prominent. It can be said that the rapid addition of the global dense air transport network is likely to enable us to open up long-distance markets for the live goods that we longed for and cannot reach, so that consumers can enjoy more benefits. Fast delivery speed and short transit time It also reduces the risk of goods in transit, so many valuables and precision instruments are also often used in the form of air transportation. Today's international market is fiercely competitive, and the fast services provided by air transportation also allow suppliers to do instantaneous changes in foreign markets. In response, quickly launch marketable products to occupy the market and obtain better economic benefits.

Second, it is not affected by ground conditions, and it is a natural passage to use the sky in inland areas for air transportation. It is not restricted by geographical conditions. It is very suitable for inland areas with poor ground conditions and inconvenient transportation, which is conducive to the export of local resources and promotes local Economic development. Air transportation connects the local area with the world, and has a wide external radiation.In addition, air transportation occupies less land than road transportation and railway transportation, and it is undoubtedly very suitable for the development of external transportation in areas with small land and gold.

Third, safety, accuracy and other transportation methods are more secure than air transportation.In 1997, airlines around the world executed 18 million flights, only 11 serious accidents occurred, and the risk rate was about 1 in 3 million. The airline's transportation management system is also relatively complete, and the damage rate of the goods is low.If the goods are transported by air containers, it is safer.

Fourth, saving packaging, insurance, interest and other expenses. Due to the use of air transportation, the goods are short in transit, and the turnover speed is fast, and the company's inventory can be reduced accordingly. On the one hand, it is advantageous for the recovery of funds, reducing interest expenses, and on the other hand, the company's storage costs are also You can click the document link to view more information. Shenzhen Guanyu Express International Freight Forwarding Co., Ltd. can reduce it. Because of the safe and accurate air cargo transportation, the cargo damage and cargo difference are small, and the insurance cost is low. Compared with other transportation methods, The packaging of air transportation is simple, and the packaging cost is reduced. These all constitute a decline in the hidden costs of the enterprise and an increase in revenue. Of course, air transportation also has its own limitations, mainly reflected in the higher transportation costs of air freight than other transportation methods. Suitable for low-value cargo; air delivery vehicles-the aircraft's cabin capacity is limited, there are certain restrictions on the transportation of large cargoes or large quantities of cargo; the flight safety of aircraft is easily affected by bad weather, etc. But in general, with the Emerging technologies are more widely used, products tend to be thin, light, short, small, and high value. Managers pay more attention to the timeliness and reliability of transportation. I believe that air cargo will have greater development prospects.
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