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What are the main cargoes transported by sea,

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-07-29
For now, maritime transportation may be a common method in every country! Maritime transportation refers to the most important transportation method in international logistics, which uses ships to transport goods between ports in different countries and regions through sea lanes. a method. So what are the main cargoes in sea transportation and how to figure out the characteristics of sea transportation?

What kind of goods are mainly included in sea transportation:

In the current maritime transportation process, the main cargoes transported include: raw materials, minerals, steel, grain, crude oil, etc.!

Sea transportation is suitable for large quantities of goods. One ship can carry tens of thousands of tons or even tens of thousands of tons. Except for bulk commodities, most of the other products are mainly transported by sea. After all, sea transportation accounts for 80% of global trade. the above.

Types of shipping:

According to the mode of operation of ships, ocean transportation can be divided into liner transportation and chartered transportation.

Features of liner shipping:

(1) Liner transportation has a fixed schedule, route, port of call and relatively fixed freight rate

(2) The liner freight includes loading and unloading fees, so the port loading and unloading of the liner is the responsibility of the ship

(3) The quantity of cargo carried by liners is more flexible, and cargo owners can book space on demand, which is especially suitable for general cargo and container cargo transportation by sea.

The liner freight is specified by the liner freight table, including basic freight and various surcharges. The basic freight is divided into two categories: one is the traditional cargo freight; the other is the container package rate.

Advantages of sea transportation:

1. Avoid additional costs

2. Eliminate the trouble of repeated declarations

3. The troubles of the second inspection

4. You can enjoy free storage period in the venue, customs clearance and contract turnover

Disadvantages of sea transportation:

1. The delivery time will be longer than the days of land transportation

2. The transportation cost of some transshipment arrangements will be higher than that of land transportation

3. The inspection rate of container demolition by mainland port customs is often stricter than that of land vehicle inspection yards

4. The turnover of timeliness contracts for customs brokers of import and export factories is troublesome
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