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What are the logistics distribution models under

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-02-28
Recently, new retail is particularly hot, and people are asking a lot of questions. The answers are also various. What O2O, C2M, data enablement, artificial intelligence, online celebrity e-commerce, no one is convenient ... but it is worth mentioning that many people will pay attention The point is on new retail, but the logistics distribution that directly supports new retail is ignored. So, do you know what are the logistics distribution models under new retail? Let's explore it together here. The mode of logistics distribution is the decisive factor affecting the level of logistics distribution of enterprises, and its status cannot be ignored. The modern logistics distribution model can be roughly divided into the following four types: 1. Supplier distribution: The supplier distribution model is also called the supplier direct distribution model, that is, the supplier is directly responsible for the packaging, sorting, distribution and transportation of the goods, without the responsibility of the enterprise or a third-party logistics company. The corporate headquarters provides the logistics demand information of each store directly to the supplier. The supplier then selects, sorts, packs, and transports the goods according to the logistics demand order, and directly delivers the goods to various stores. 2. Self-supported distribution: The self-supported distribution model is established by the company based on its material conditions, strength, strategic needs, and development trends. The logistics distribution model that organizes and manages all aspects of logistics distribution, that is, the enterprise itself is responsible The packaging, sorting, distribution and transportation of goods do not require the intervention of any third-party logistics organization. A distribution model widely adopted by joint ventures. 3. Third-party distribution: A third-party logistics distribution model, in which the packaging, sorting, and transportation of goods are directly handled by a third-party logistics distribution company or agency other than the supplier and the enterprise itself. Enterprises maintain a close relationship with third-party logistics companies or institutions through a sound information system, so as to ensure that the company has a good understanding of the entire logistics operation process. Achieve full process control. 4. Common distribution: Common distribution is the joint funding of multiple enterprises to form a centralized logistics distribution center. This logistics center serves all funded enterprises and distributes them to all funded enterprises. At the same time, the information systems are shared between the enterprises, and the risks are shared. . Divided into two ways,-is the initiative of the delivery side: the delivery side makes overall planning and comprehensive delivery for all users in need in a certain area; the second is that the user actively places the product in the-place according to the user's needs, and the user goes to the corresponding outlet on his own Receive the goods. However, there are still some problems with the existing logistics model. Erxin Retail has opened up more shopping scenarios for online shopping, set up small and exquisite experience spaces for users offline, and the final product distribution is completed by the logistics distribution system. How to improve the efficiency of distribution and enhance the consumer experience has become the primary problem. therefore. It is urgent to innovate the logistics distribution model under the new retail background. 1.Build omni-channel logistics distribution under big data In today's new retail environment, the combination of offline store experience and online sales has brought great convenience to consumers. Logistics and distribution require a rapid combination of online and offline, online and offline , Service experience, and integration of towns, villages and rural areas, enterprises should establish corresponding cooperation mechanisms with consumers. They must clarify the true needs of consumers, and take consumers as the core to improve product design capabilities and ensure comprehensive development Through multiple channel services to achieve multiple extended development features. In terms of distribution, more and more new retail stores are now integrating warehouses, and physical stores integrate the functions of stores and warehouse distribution centers. Save retailers a lot of warehouse and distribution center location and construction costs. The logistics distribution method is to distribute and allocate the last-kilometer in the form of main line + terminal cloud warehouse (shop) to realize the omni-channel system of the distribution network. For example: under the support of big data and cloud computing technology, Suning highly integrates logistics systems and integrates social storage resources. Achieve information sharing at all levels and track product information in real time. Try to avoid the meaningless flow of goods in space, shorten the delivery time, and improve logistics distribution Delivery efficiency to reduce logistics costs. At the same time, it will combine other supply chain links, such as warehousing, to build an omni-channel logistics,-ring buckle-ring, to adapt to the requirements of the new retail reform. 2.Using high technology to create smart logistics The creation of smart logistics can be divided into two aspects:-It is to build an intelligent warehouse. In the intelligent warehouse system, robotics and automated sorting can be used to save labor costs, and the accuracy of item sorting can be improved. Goods are carried on technical operations such as handling and placing on shelves, wearable devices such as hands-free scanning devices, AR technology-smart glasses. The smart glasses rely on real-world item identification, barcode reading, and in-library navigation with seamless information integration. Directly connected to DHL's warehouse management system, improving sorting efficiency, accelerating collection speed and reducing error rate, realizing the whole process of warehouse automation. The second is to create intelligent transportation and distribution. The latest transportation and distribution technology is mainly the application of driverless truck technology. This technology will change the existing pattern of mainline logistics and effectively reduce the cost of mainline logistics. At the same time, it can prevent a series of problems such as insufficient capacity. The specific manifestation is the use of unmanned trucks as the distribution station. During the driving of the vehicle, the delivery robot will be continuously released, and the pickup information will be sent to the customer through the logistics system. 3. Create a multi-level warehouse system and a multi-level distribution model Due to limited store storage and limited store coverage, some stores have difficulty in real-time delivery. The application of a multi-level warehouse system combined with a multi-level distribution model is conducive to the networked and detailed distribution services. Through the multi-level warehouse storage system, the intensive order is realized and then the output is shunted, so as to reduce the distance and overlap of the distribution area, that is, reduce the non-objection circulation of goods, reduce the logistics cost and shorten the distribution time. The necessity of using a multi-level distribution mode is due to the diversity of cargo attributes and the constraints of distribution equipment.For example, fresh goods require a more punctual distribution mode and distribution equipment with cold storage and preservation functions. ] Distribution vehicles, and ordinary daily chemical products using such distribution equipment and personnel will cause unnecessary waste of resources. According to the needs of customer orders, the multi-level distribution system treats the attributes of the products to be distributed and classifies them in time. The logistics information system plans the optimal distribution route, which improves the vehicle rate and punctuality rate during distribution, and provides customers with a quality service experience. 4Using instant logistics distribution mode With the steady development of major e-commerce platforms, the rise of small-program e-commerce relying on the WeChat ecosystem, and online and offline collaboration brought by new retail, online shopping orders will continue to rise in the future. In order to improve the user experience and quickly meet the needs of customers, a new delivery mode has emerged-instant delivery, which means relying on socialized inventory and focusing on point-to-point decentralized delivery. It meets light and urgent needs within a radius of 3 kilometers, and can meet the delivery requirements within 45 minutes. It is a logistics form based on O20. Under the new retail background and 02O format, the lazy economy is flourishing, and 'convenience' has become an important added value of the product, and instant delivery can only rise when it meets this psychological and escalating consumer demand. Therefore, real-time delivery came into being, which enriched the imagination space of the logistics form to a certain extent, and gave the whole industry a brand-new increase and kinetic energy. New retail is the product of the development of the times. In line with the development of the times, the logistics distribution model should also seek the same platform as the new retail model and innovate, pursue efficient and integrated logistics store and warehouse integration, realize information sharing through big data and cloud computing technology, and create an intelligent distribution system As a result, the new retail model has made considerable progress.
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