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What are the label requirements for export products?

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-09-03
Common labels for exported goods include origin labels such as 'MADE IN CHINA', dangerous goods labels, CE labels, etc.

  What does the foreign trade logo contain?

   1. The product name, factory name and factory address in Chinese should be on the logo. Imported products sold in the domestic market must also have Chinese logos.

  2. According to the characteristics and use requirements of the product, you need to look at the product specification level, the name and content of the main ingredients.

   3. Pay attention to the product inspection certificate.

   4. Pay attention to the warning signs or warning instructions in Chinese.

  5. Products with a limited period of use depend on the date or expiration date. Packaged foods are generally marked with the production date, shelf life or shelf life, and some are marked as being eaten before × ×, and the temperature requirements for the shelf life.

  6. ??Look at the standard code number and name of the product. The current standards in my country are divided into 4 levels, namely national standards (GB), industry standards (HB), local standards (DB), and corporate standards (QB).

   Is it necessary to put a commodity inspection label on the outer box of export goods?

There is no such compulsory statement, but it depends on what commodity inspection you are doing. If it is only for ordinary inspection and quarantine, it should not be used. But it also depends on your letter of credit or agreement with the customer. But there are many foreign-made commodity inspections. , This seems to be posted.

   The United States has strict requirements on food labeling. The US Customs will automatically detain imported foods whose labels do not meet the requirements, regardless of their quality, for violation of food labeling laws and regulations. There are many requirements for food labeling in the United States, including food health claims, warning labels, nutrition labels, and nutrition content claims.

   In recent years, product labeling has increasingly become the focus of domestic and foreign regulatory authorities and consumers. When exporting products, we must pay attention to the consistency between the label and the actual situation, and avoid affecting the export due to label inconsistency.
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