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What are the items in the process of national logistics packaging requirements?

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-09
International logistics because over time, the distance and need among various handling, therefore to a full range of packaging is particularly important, especially in household appliances, furniture, fragile and so on, so in the international logistics, goods packaging what are the requirements? A 1, pearl cotton, packaging materials, used for furniture, appliances for the inner packaging, shockproof and buffer effect during the transit, reduce collisions between the items in the process of transportation cause damage. 2, high strength, cardboard, outer packing for irregular furniture and appliances, by cutting into the appropriate packaging, prevent collision damage caused by transport process. Article 3, protect horn, laminating the corners furniture and electrical appliances, to prevent the goods in transit due to sharp edges and the breakage of the other items. 4, fumigation-free packing, fragile fragile items ( Televisions, monitors, etc. ) Furniture, high value, Annatto furniture, black walnut furniture) Custom fit size wooden cases so as to ensure items delivered safely. 5, cotton paper, used for parcel yi scrawled items ( Tableware, tea sets, etc. ) And furniture, the first layer of the scratch-resistant flowers protection, also can be rolled into a cylinder is used as filler material buffer role. 6, high-strength carton, 5 layer high strength K paper and cardboard boxes, dress up clothes, books, shoes, lamps and other daily necessities and small objects. 7, stretch wrap film, used for carton packaging, moisture-proof effect; Items will also be put centrally after good, have the effect of solid, cover and protect the goods. 2, 1, daily necessities packaging, books, clothes and so on partial light, rule class items, with high strength first after receive carton packing tray in a unified. Play tray can be finished by the international logistics lp staff, its effect is effective to avoid the damage and loss of the item, is advantageous for the ship company tally, loading and unloading, abroad can reduce a lot of labor costs, but also the effective protection of your items. 2, big furniture, according to the classification of removable and sealed, and then for packaging, respectively using cotton paper, pearl cotton, protect horn, cardboard packaging materials, etc. 3, electric appliance, piano, porcelain, crafts and other precious, fragile goods, in addition to use pearl cotton, cardboard packaging, the outside still use custom fumigation-free packing, fillers, and installed to prevent squeezing damaged, when it is necessary to make a wooden frame inside the wooden fixed, in order to avoid in the process of transportation. Three, packaging requirements 1, items, the outer packing should be strong and in good condition, can effectively prevent the packaging broken in the transport process, internal leakage, loss, etc. ; Can prevent by steppenwolf, friction, turbulence or items caused by pressure, temperature, damage or deterioration; Operators can prevent damage or contamination aircraft, shipping containers, ground equipment and other goods. 2, goods packaging in addition to fit the nature, status, and weight of the goods, to facilitate carrying, loading and unloading and packed; Packing outside surface can not have prominent nails, hooks, etc, besides packing should be clean, dry, no smell, and oil stains. 3, advances within the packaging materials ( Such as confetti) Can't leakage, in addition, check the goods are packing tape should be used. Pay attention to sack packing or straw rope tied the goods is strictly prohibited. 4, pack the goods used in the packing belt should be able to withstand the full weight of the goods, and ensure the goods not disconnect. 5, carton packaging, should be able to withstand the similar packing the goods shelved the total weight of 3 or 4 layers. 7, packed in wooden cases, its thickness and structure should suit the need of the goods transportation safety; Built-in valuables, precision instruments, fragile goods packed in wooden case, can not have corrosion, bug eat by moth, cracks and other defects. 8, the common tray bearing best not more than 1 ton, suitable for carton or small bulk loading rules. VIPU Supply Chain international remind you: for the sake of the safety of goods and selects the wooden case and pallet packaging, a corresponding increase of the size of the goods, and charge measurements and shipping company for the volume after packaging, please note.
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