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What are the important links that need to be paid

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-09-05
Many domestic traders have close trade cooperation with Brazil, but what issues need to be paid attention to when exporting to Brazil by sea? I believe that many traders are still not clear, the following is the relevant export precautions compiled by the editor to share with friends!


『The freight must be shown on the bill of lading』  

The Brazilian Customs requires that all fees (including prepaid and collected fees) and their details must be clearly listed on the bill of lading 'Freight as per agreement' and other words are not allowed. The local Brazilian customs requires that all goods imported into Brazil must pay freight tax.

'Brazil customs clearance does not accept telex bill of lading'

AWAY BILL, Telex bill of lading, Duy bill of lading, and negotiable bill of lading (to order) are all unacceptable. When goods exported from China to Brazil are cleared in Brazil, only the original bill of lading can be used for customs clearance. The Brazilian customs does not accept other forms of bill of lading. The telex bill of lading will be recognized as tax evasion by the Brazilian customs. In addition, almost all shipping in South American countries prohibits telex.

'Pay attention to the bill of lading'

Ensure the accuracy of the container number and seal number

The weight can only be displayed correctly in the metric system

The description of the goods should correctly reflect the goods in the container (including the number of pieces/packages)

The company information on the bill of lading is true and complete

The address of the consignee/notifier must be in Brazil, and consignees outside Brazil are not accepted.

The description of the goods is not allowed to fill in the value declaration

'CNJP/CPF/NC shown on the bill of lading'

Brazil customs clearance requires CNJP/CPF/NCM on the bill of lading. CNPJ and CPF are the identification numbers of Brazilian companies and individuals, that is, the tax number; NCM, this is the identification number of the goods, which is equivalent to the HS code of our country, and must be displayed on the manifest. NCM (Harmonized cargo code) number must be filled with at least the first four digits (FAK and GD are not allowed as cargo description). 

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『Use box』

1. Apply for the port of destination exemption period in advance before shipment

The customs clearance time in Brazil is generally longer, and the demurrage of the ship owner at the Brazilian port is very expensive. Therefore, in order to avoid the high cost of demurrage in the port of destination, it is necessary to apply to the shipping company for the exemption period of the destination port in advance before shipment. Generally, the exemption period is 21-30 days.

2. Use NOR boxes with caution (cold to dry containers)

Some shipping companies will provide NOR container (cold-to-dry container) service. Although NOR containers will be relatively cheap in terms of ocean freight, the free period of freezer containers at the port of destination will be much shorter than ordinary containers, and shipping companies generally do not accept it. Freezer free period application; In addition, the demurrage charge for freezer in Brazil is much higher than that of ordinary containers. Taking CS shipping company as an example, freezers are generally only free for 4 days in Brazil, while demorrage is as high as USD170- 260 per day.

Customs clearance process

1. 48 hours before the arrival of the goods, the agent needs to enter the basic information of the goods (information on MBL, HBL) into the Brazilian Customs Information System (SISCARGA). It should be noted that if the cargo arrives at SANTOS, but the first Brazilian port of the ship is RIO DE JANEIRO, the agent needs to enter the information 48 hours before the cargo arrives at RIO DE JANEIRO.

2. After the cargo arrives at the port, the TERMINAL staff will notify the agent that the cargo has arrived at the port, and compare the cargo information on the shipping company system (information on MBL) if the SISCARGA information we entered does not match, we need to pay USD2800 to change it!
3. If the information is correct, TERMINAL will send LIBERATION NO. to CUSTOM BROKER for IMPORT DECLARATION (PAY TAX).

4. Tax types (the tax rate is based on the NCM NO. [Customs Code] query of the goods).
5. After paying all taxes, take the payment voucher to SISCOMEX (Brazil Customs Clearance System) to apply for D.I NO. (DECLERA??O DEIMPORTA??O).
6. Inquire about customs clearance channels according to D.I NO.

① Provide relevant documents and release directly.
② Verification documents
③ Check documents and spot check goods
④ Wait 3-6 months.

Customs clearance is a gray situation, which generally occurs when there is a big difference between the goods and the documents, resulting in a low tax return. The customs considers it to be tax evasion.

7. After customs clearance is completed, and the shipping company’s port of destination fee and TERMINAL’s STORAGE fee have been paid, make an appointment for trailer delivery.
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