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What are the important customs declaration according to the loss, fill do formalities?

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-06
The main documents used in Marine data, it can be said that in three broad categories: according to the customs declaration, bill of lading, certificate of origin, etc. These are very important documents, of course also should pay attention to keeping at ordinary times, try to backup a copy of the case one thousand, however, if you accidentally lost, how should fill do? Small make up recommend you immediately according to the following process to deal with relevant formalities. A lost, customs declaration according to the invoice, packing list and other documents lost in front of the customs declaration, contact the factory replacement and delivery to the customs agent. Second, the losing of the bill of lading bill of lading lost more serious. If the lost is our forwarder bill of lading can write a letter of guarantee booking, please reissue the b/l, if is the bill of lading ship company, usually the shipping company will ask the shipper to issue the letter of guarantee at the same time provide a security is equal to the value or double, triple, borrowing period and even six years. Announcement of the bill of lading is lost at the same time. Three, certificate of origin is lost or modify if due to the actual delivery of the goods didn't agree with to declare, or have other errors, need to modify the content of the certificate of origin, change reasons and provide the basis, must be addressed by the visa agencies, after the review meeting the requirements to the application formalities, recover the original certificate of origin, and issue a new license. If already issued the certificate of origin is lost or damaged, from half a year from the date of issue, the applicants must provide a basis to the visa agency stated reason and, after the approval of the visa agencies review application formalities anew. Edit summary: international shipping the goods because of countries and regions involved in the process is relatively complex, the required documents is also very important, if you accidentally lost the need according to the process to fill in a timely manner. VIPU international logistics lp perennial Supply Chain for people to go abroad or home to provide professional door to door double clear GuanGuoJi logistics services, shipping multinational carry furniture will find VIPU international logistics Supply Chain. If you have this aspect demand, are welcome to call our hotline for free.
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