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What are the import and export procedures required

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-09-05
One. Import procedures:

1. The import and export company will send a copy of the contract or an order to the local China Foreign Trade Transportation Branch.

2. After the goods arrive, China Civil Aviation informs China Foreign Trade Transportation Branch to retrieve the waybill from the civil aviation airport or business office.

  3. According to the contract information or purchase order provided by the import and export company, the China Foreign Trade Transportation Branch will check the actual goods on the waybill, and after the contract number, mark, product name, quantity, consignee or notifier, etc. are checked, the import goods declaration form will be prepared and carried out. customs clearance.

  4. When picking up cargo at the airport or business office, the China Foreign Trade Transportation Branch obtains business accident records from civil aviation when the cargo is short or damaged, and the consignee negotiates and claims with the civil aviation, and can also accept entrustment to handle the claim. If the packaging is intact and the internal goods have quality or quantity problems, the consignee shall directly apply to the Commodity Inspection Bureau for commodity inspection and contact the ordering company for external claims.

two. Export procedures:

1. The import and export company will send a copy of the export contract or the power of attorney for the export of goods by air to the relevant China Foreign Trade Transportation Company, and the transportation company will handle the customs clearance and consignment work.

2. After the goods are ready, the import and export company submits the relevant export documents to the China Foreign Trade Transportation Corporation. The transportation company arranges transportation from the warehouse to the civil aviation business office or the airport.

  3. Import and export companies handle foreign exchange settlement on the basis of the house air waybill issued by the China National Foreign Trade and Transportation Corporation or the air waybill issued by civil aviation.

  4. In the event of cargo shortages and damages during transportation, which is the responsibility of the airline, the civil aviation company shall directly compensate the import and export company; if it is the responsibility of the air freight forwarding company, the China Foreign Trade & Transportation Corporation shall be responsible for contact and compensation.

three. Air Waybill (AIRWAYBILL, AWB for short)

   is a contract of carriage concluded by both the carrier and the shipper, and it is also a receipt for the goods, but it does not have the nature of a certificate of property rights, and cannot be transferred nor taken delivery. The consignee shall pick up the goods with the notice issued by the airline. The original air waybill is in 3 copies, divided into 3 different colors: blue for the shipper, green for the carrier to keep, and pink for the goods to go with the goods, and to the consignee at the destination. There are at least six copies, and the number of copies can be increased if necessary, and they should be sent to the agent, the port of destination, the first and second third carrier and used as a receipt for delivery. The copies are white except for the yellow receipt.

  The definition of general goods import and export procedures refers to goods other than special goods in general trade.

Operating procedures

   1. Cargo weighing 1. Adjust the air waybill

   2. Pre-recorded customs declaration form 2. Customs clearance pre-entry/commodity inspection

   3. Security and health inspection 3. Customs declaration

   4. Customs declaration 4. Tax bill

   5. Put in storage 5. Pay customs duties

   6. Installed 6. Inspection

   7. Cancellation of tax refund 7. Customs clearance

   8. Pay warehousing, sanitary inspection and other miscellaneous expenses

   9. Delivery

  10. Delivery

  11. Payment

   12. Return to the customs after seven days to post the anti-counterfeiting visa

needed file

   1. Shipping Power of Attorney 1. Customs Declaration Power of Attorney

   2. Customs declaration power of attorney 2. Proforma invoice

   3. Proforma invoice 3. Packing list

   4. Packing list 4. Waybill

   5. Verification form 5. Letter of introduction of the receiver

   6. Customs declaration

Key attention

   1. Some of these goods require other customs declaration documents. Such as: commodity inspection certificate, quota, license, certificate of origin, etc.

   2. The wooden packaging of the goods must have a fumigation certificate. Imported mechanical and electrical products must be certified for the approval of mechanical and electrical products.
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