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What are the explosion and dump cabinets in freight

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-09-03
'Your cabinet was dumped.' 'The shipping company broke the cabin and was dumped.' 'The customs release was too late and the cabinet was dumped.'

Have you heard of problems like the one above?

What does 'dump cabinet' mean? Who dumped your cabinet-the shipping company? Freight forwarder? pier?

What are the reasons for 'dumping the cabinet'-can't keep up with the ship? Still burst the cabin?

'Can't catch up with the ship' is due to-delivery / delivery too late? Haven't let go before customs? Is the declaration or manifest data wrong? Delayed customs inspection? Is the market too late?

How did 'explosive cabin' come about-too much cargo in peak season? The shipping company releases more space in order to maximize the benefits?

1. What the hell is the dump cabinet?

'Dumping container' is a very common expression in foreign trade, freight forwarding, logistics and other industries. 'Container' is a container, that is, container container, which mainly refers to marine containers, including FCL and LCL.

LCL is relatively small, because LCL freight forwarding companies are generally strong and have a better relationship with shipping companies, and LCL involves multiple customers and multiple shipments, which have a greater impact, so LCL forwarders will try to avoid If you drop the container, unless you catch up with the customs inspection, you can't catch up with the ship, so you can only postpone the next voyage.

In fact, delaying the ship does not mean dumping the container. The dumping of the container means that you have no problem in all aspects and can completely catch up with the ship, but due to unilateral reasons of the shipping company (the number of released cabins is more than the actual number of cabins), there is no space for the explosion. So just dumped your cabinet. The postponement of the ship is generally due to the freight forwarder or the shipper, and it can't keep up, so it has to be postponed to the next voyage.

2. What is the root cause of the explosion/dropping cabinet?

   During the peak cargo season, the cargo volume is large and the shipping company has limited space. It is prone to bursting (especially on popular routes), and it is inevitable that some cabinets will be dumped. In fact, dumping of containers is entirely the reason for the shipping company, because in order to ensure full load-not wasting any space, the shipping company often releases more space than the actual number of spaces. For example: Originally, there were only 100 spaces allocated to this port, but the shipping company allocated 110 spaces to the freight forwarder or the owner. By then, the cabinets of the additional 10 spaces would definitely not be able to be filled-they could only be dumped and postponed. The next boat. When it is finally dumped, there may be less than 10 cabins, because among the 110 pre-released cabins, some may be withdrawn, some may not be able to go on board, there may be problems with customs declaration, or they may not go for other reasons. There may be five or six dumped. Of course, in the end, it is possible that less than 100 can be walked-more than 10 can be withdrawn or missed.

3. Which cabinets are easily dumped?

The shipping company has a choice about which cabinets to dump. It is not based on a first-come, first-served order. Instead, the shipping company will give priority to the cabinets of customers whose freight is low, the relationship with the shipping company, or the shipping company is not important. . Therefore, if your cargo volume is small, if you have nothing to do with the shipping company, if your freight forwarding strength is not strong, then the probability of your cabinet being dumped will be higher.

4. Why does the owner have to bear the risk of dumping the container without fault?

   Although it is all due to the shipping company's reasons for dumping containers, the shipping company is not responsible for it. Do you feel very 'overlord'? No way, the shipping company is the uncle. What can you do with them if you have a small quantity? In the freight forwarding industry, if there is no volume, there is no right to speak. It is so realistic.

  The victims of dumping cabinets are the shipper, shipper and forwarder. They may cause second customs declaration, delivery delays, and even lead to customer claims or loss of customers. The root cause of the problem of dumping containers is that shipping companies don't pay enough attention to service in order to maximize their profits and allocate more space. Although the shipper was scolding, the shipping company still 'does its own way'. At present, there are no signs of solving this problem. This problem will continue to exist for a long time in the future.
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