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What are the epidemic prevention measures for

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-02-13
This year's Spring Festival, everyone must be very memorable. Due to the occurrence of new coronaviruses, epidemic prevention models have been launched throughout the country. So, what are the epidemic prevention measures for express delivery outlets? Let's find out together. I. Parcel and transfer vehicle disinfection Workers should spray-disinfect these packages one by one. From the order to the final receipt, these packages should undergo at least two such disinfection treatments to minimize the possibility of the package being contaminated during transit. In addition to disinfection and sterilization of express parcels, all transfer vehicles should also be disinfected regularly. Adequate epidemic prevention equipment Enterprises should equip all logistics outlets across the country with adequate masks, gloves, disinfectant, hand sanitizer and other epidemic protection supplies to ensure the delivery security of front-line courier brothers. Third, contactless delivery service In order to reduce contact, companies should encourage customers to use self-service services through ordering tips, customer service suggestions, and other methods. For example, courier signing. If the consignee still chooses to deliver to home, you can also ask the courier to knock on the door and put it at the door, and wait for them to leave before picking up the goods. Minimize cross-infection from human exposure. In addition to the above-mentioned epidemic prevention measures, it is also necessary to monitor the health status and travel trajectory of employees at the outlets every day. The above are the relevant answers about 'prevention measures for express delivery outlets', and I hope to help you.
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