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What are the elements of logistics distribution

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-02-28
When it comes to logistics, consumers are concerned with delivery timelines, and logistics companies are focused on cost optimization. In order to realize these two points, it is very important to optimize the logistics distribution path. So, from the current point of view, what are the elements of logistics distribution route optimization? Here I will answer for you. Professionals said that the route optimization service is designed to provide the best transit routes for your logistics transportation and cargo distribution, help you plan routes flexibly, easily, and efficiently, and provide you with the best unobstructed transit routes and complete transportation efficiently Delivery tasks. In Xiaobian's opinion, to realize the optimization of logistics distribution path, we must first understand the elements of logistics distribution path optimization. According to Xiaobian, the factors of logistics distribution route optimization mainly include the following points: I. Stocking Stock preparation is the preparation or basic work of distribution. The stock preparation includes collecting sources of goods, ordering or purchasing, collection, purchasing, and related quality inspection, settlement, and delivery. One of the advantages of distribution is that it can focus on the needs of users for a certain scale of stocking. Stocking is the initial work that determines the success or failure of distribution. If the cost of stocking is too high, the efficiency of distribution will be greatly reduced. Second, storage There are two types of storage in storage: temporary storage and temporary storage. The distribution reserve is a resource guarantee for distribution formed according to the distribution operation requirements for a certain period of time. This type of reserve has a large number of reserves and a relatively complete reserve structure. Depending on the source of the goods and the arrival of the goods, the structure and quantity of working capital and insurance reserves can be determined in a planned way. The reserve guarantee for distribution is sometimes set up separately in the warehouse near the distribution center. Another type of storage is temporary storage, which is a small amount of storage preparation made at the tally site according to the requirements of sorting and distribution when the daily delivery is performed. Since the total storage benefit depends on the total storage, this part of the temporary storage amount will only affect the convenience of work, and will not affect the total storage efficiency, so the quantity control is not strict. There is another form of temporary storage, which is the temporary storage of shipments after picking and distribution. This temporary storage is mainly to adjust the rhythm of distribution and delivery. The temporary storage time is not long. Third, sorting and distribution Sorting and distribution is a distinctive functional element different from other forms of logistics, and it is also an important cultural effort for the success or failure of distribution. Sorting and picking are the perfect work to support delivery and support the preparation for delivery. It is an inevitable extension of competition among different delivery companies and improving their own economic benefits. Therefore, it can also be said that it is inevitable for the development of delivery to advanced forms. Claim. With sorting and picking, the level of delivery services will be greatly improved, so sorting and picking are the key elements that determine the level of the entire distribution system. Fourth, equipped When the quantity delivered by a single user cannot reach the effective carrying load of the vehicle, there is a problem of how to concentrate the goods delivered by different users and carry out collocation loading to make full use of transportation capacity and capacity, which requires installation; it is different from general delivery The reason is that the delivery level can be greatly improved and the delivery cost can be reduced by the delivery. Therefore, the delivery is also a functional element with modern characteristics in the delivery system, and it is also an important difference between modern delivery and previous delivery. V. Distribution and transportation Distribution transportation belongs to terminal transportation and branch transportation in transportation. The main difference from general transportation is that distribution transportation is a short-distance, small-scale, high-value transportation mode. Generally, cars are used as transportation vehicles. Another difference from mainline transportation is that the route selection problem of distribution transportation is not found in general trunkline transportation. The mainline of mainline transportation is the only transportation line, and because of the large number of distribution users, general urban transportation routes are more complicated. Combining the best routes, how to make the equipment and routes effectively match, are the characteristics of distribution and transportation, but also difficult tasks. Delivery service The delivery of the delivered goods to the user is not the end of the distribution work. This is because there is often a mismatch between the delivery of the goods and the receipt of the goods by the user. Therefore, in order to successfully complete the delivery of the goods arrived, and to effectively and conveniently handle the relevant procedures and complete the settlement, we should also pay attention to the location of the unloading, unloading methods, and so on. Delivery service is also unique to delivery. Seven, distribution processing In distribution, the functional element of distribution processing is not universal, but it is often a functional element that plays an important role. The main reason is that user satisfaction can be greatly improved through distribution processing. Distribution processing is a type of distribution processing, but distribution processing has its characteristics different from general distribution processing, that is, distribution processing generally depends only on user requirements, and its processing purpose is relatively single.
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