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What are the delivery methods of Amazon first-way logistics?

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-02-05
What are the delivery methods of Amazon first-way logistics? What are the precautions for Amazon fba head logistics? Let's follow the editor and have a look! I hope to help everyone ~ What are the delivery methods of Amazon logistics? Usually, sellers can carry out Amazon first-way transportation through air delivery, international express delivery and sea transportation. 1. Empty delivery, Amazon sellers can transport the goods to the destination country by air, and then send the goods to the FBA warehouse by express delivery, with a reference time of 7 ~ 10 days. The cost of this method is relatively low, but it may take a certain amount of time to arrange positions in the peak season. If it is in the off season, cost and timeliness are good choices. If the seller's goods are large, the logistics cost can be better controlled. 2. Shipping, the cost of this mode of transportation is relatively high, suitable for goods and large goods with weak timeliness, reference time 25 ~ 35 days. Usually, shipping can be transported in conjunction with trucks, express delivery, truck self-lifting, and express delivery. 3. International Express, this kind of delivery method is suitable for goods with high timeliness requirements. There are 4 main international express types, namely UPS, DHL, FEDEX and TNT, with a reference time of 3 ~ 7 days. What are the delivery methods of Amazon first-way logistics? What are the precautions for Amazon fba head logistics? 1. Product packaging, in terms of product packaging, sellers only need to ensure that the products are in good condition to FBA warehouse and customers. Amazon does not have mandatory requirements for product packaging. The seller can use the packaging box for packaging or use a self-sealing anti-static bag, the packaging is best to have a certain texture (Of course, safety is a prerequisite), Can improve the customer's consumption experience. 2. Product label, when using FBA to ship, the product usually has 2 labels, that is, the product label ( UPC Code label, Amazon system product label, posted on the package)And outer box label (The actual number of packing cases is pasted on different sides of the outer box). However, when the seller prints the label, try to use the ribbon coated paper to print, which is to prevent the text from fading after the thermal paper is placed for a long time. 3. Shipping weighing, due to the high cost of the first trip, the seller can reduce the volume and reduce the cost through a reasonable match of light and heavy.
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