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What are the delivery methods

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-02-28
With the popularity of telephones, mobile phones, and the Internet, the takeaway industry has developed rapidly. The delivery staff of various take-out platforms shuttle through the streets. At present, the domestic take-out giants are mainly Meituan, are you hungry? As the volume of takeaways continues to increase, problems in the takeaway industry are gradually emerging. At present, the main problems in takeaway distribution are delivery time, incomplete meals, uneven quality of delivery personnel, etc., followed by software. System stability, practicality, price and other issues. Image source: Internet Takeaway Delivery App: Meituo crowdsourcing, are you hungry? Platforms: Click Me, Dada, Baidu Takeaway, Little Flying Man, Flash Xiaobian takes the Meituan APP as an example to explain the types of takeaway delivery methods for you: Consumer appraisal of pros and cons is mainly based on first, the speed of takeaway delivery, and second, the US group on the store product search and order volume as the main basis. Meituan takeaway delivery generally includes four types: Meituan special delivery, crowdsourcing, express delivery, and merchant self-delivery. The detailed explanation is as follows. 1. Meituan special delivery is self-operated by Meituan. It is a full-time rider-based distribution form with a delivery distance of about three kilometers. It can accept all orders from merchants and guarantee a certain order acceptance rate. The image of the delivery staff is unified and regular, and the delivery speed is fast, but there are certain disadvantages-high cost, limited delivery time and area. 2. Meituan crowdsourcing, using the power of social idleness to help merchants deliver, the maximum delivery distance is about 5 kilometers. Compared to the special delivery, the crowdsourcing distribution scope is relatively large and the cost is relatively low. But the delivery speed and the overall service of the delivery staff are slower than the special delivery and fast delivery. However, crowdsourcing is charged by distance, and distance is different. 3. US group express delivery, compared to the special delivery, the delivery range is larger, the maximum delivery distance is about 5 kilometers, and the cost is low. However, due to its large delivery range, the delivery speed is slower than the special delivery. The charging mode is the same as the US group special delivery, which is a merchant's commission plus customer delivery fees. To accept all orders from merchants can guarantee a certain order acceptance rate. 4. Merchant self-delivery is a form in which the merchant chooses to deliver products by himself or by third-party crowdsourcing. Compared to other delivery methods, self-delivery has limited restrictions on take-out areas, and time restrictions are not so strict. The cost of self-delivery has a lot to do with the order quantity and the customer unit price. If the customer unit price is low and the order volume fluctuates, the distribution cost will become higher. If it encounters extreme wind and rain, it will be difficult to guarantee capacity and the overall distribution service will be reduced. Whether it is a category with a higher unit price or a category with a lower average unit price, we must comprehensively consider our own brand positioning, service, and price, and choose a delivery method that suits you.
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