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What are the defects of overseas warehouses?

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-01-25
Although the overseas warehouse has many advantages, it also has its defects. Next, follow the small Editor to analyze the defects of the overseas warehouse! Defects of overseas warehouses defects of overseas warehouses 1. High storage cost although the logistics cost is reduced through the method of peak-to-peak distribution, storage costs have been incurred since the goods reached overseas warehouses, generally, it is charged on a daily basis. Defects in overseas warehouses II. High inventory pressure once the selection of products or the market is slightly wrong, the goods will be unsalable and the sales volume will be poor, and large quantities of goods will be squeezed in the warehouse, not only can it not be realized, but it will also increase the storage cost. The goods are difficult to handle overseas and are in a dilemma. Defects of overseas warehouses III. Inconvenient capital turnover bulk stocking to overseas warehouses, stocking funds, logistics funds, warehousing funds and other large amounts of capital investment, capital return cycle is long, the inconvenience of the seller's capital turnover is likely to cause a capital chain fault. Defects of overseas warehouses IV. Poor overseas controllability overseas warehouses are greatly affected by uncontrollable factors such as local policies, social factors, local customs, and natural factors. For example, the goods are seized when they are imported, and the goods are seized and confiscated in the local warehouse, which has a huge impact on the seller. Defects of overseas warehouses v. Affected by the operation ability of overseas warehouse service providers problems in a certain link of overseas warehouse service providers may cause delays in delivery of goods, warehouse inspections, confiscation of goods, etc, no matter what happens, the losses caused to the seller are irreparable. Defects of overseas warehouses 6. Requirements for sellers' selection more strictly use products shipped from overseas warehouses to ensure quality and meet the needs of local buyers. For companies with a wide variety of goods, how many SKU goods in overseas warehouses will become a difficult problem. Improper selection and improper market control will cause irreparable losses. Defects of overseas warehouses VII. High requirements for the monitoring of sellers' warehouse management data sellers need to monitor the detailed data of goods entering and leaving warehouses and shelves in real time, otherwise, it will easily cause the goods to be lost or the goods data will not match. Some Amazon sellers responded that the number of FBA stocks and the actual number of goods sold on the shelves did not match, and the goods were lost. This situation will occur in Amazon, which has a complete system of warehouse management and distribution, and third-party overseas warehouses can be imagined. The above is about the defects of overseas warehouses. If you want to pay more attention to the contents of overseas warehouses, please continue to pay attention to our VIPUTRANS!
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