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What are the customs declaration procedures for

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-09-05
1 The customer provides information and pictures of the equipment to be imported
2 The agency company calculates various import costs
3 Quote to the customer
4 Sign the import agency agreement
5 Acting as an agent in handling old equipment import commodity inspection records and inspection and quarantine applications in China
6 Obtaining an old mechanical and electrical import license
7 Contact Hong Kong CCIC for inspection

8 Qualification certificate (pre-shipment inspection certificate)
9 Go to the Domestic Commodity Inspection Bureau to change the original for record and inspection and quarantine certificate
10 Prepare import declaration materials
11 Arranging freight from Hong Kong to the destination port
12 On-site inspection and verification by the Commodity Inspection Bureau
13 Customs import review
14 Tax payment

15 Customs inspection
16 Pick up and release
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