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What are the customs declaration materials required

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-09-04
Trade contract, packing list, invoice, declaration elements, AMS (required when exporting to the United States), ENS (required when exporting to Germany), commodity inspection clearance form (if the HS code of the goods involves commodity inspection), customs declaration and inspection authorization. The electronic files of the above-mentioned documents need to be provided by the shipping company, and the originals need to be sent to the shipping company's designated address (if the export port supports the customer's paperless customs declaration, the customs declaration and inspection power of attorney only needs to provide the shipping company's electronic file, not required Send the original. If not supported, you need to provide the shipping company’s electronic file and send the original to the shipping company’s designated address).

Note: In the export declaration, the meaning of paying the bill, can I enjoy the export tax rebate? How can I enjoy export tax rebate?

When the owner of the goods is not a trading company with export qualifications and cannot independently submit customs declaration materials, he needs to pay. You cannot enjoy export tax rebates for paying customs declarations. The owner of a trading company with export qualifications can independently submit customs declaration materials and apply for export tax rebates.
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