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What are the cost of Amazon's first trip?

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-02-04
FBA head-to-head expenses mainly include: local fees, sea freight, destination port fees, customs clearance fees, tolls, and final delivery fees! Excluding: delivery fee, customs declaration fee, customs duty, inspection fee additional fee: Customs declaration fee: RMB/set, renewal fee quotation RMB80/page, one renewal page for every more than 6 product names, and so on, FDA filing fee: USD50/SET (If necessary), EPA declaration fee: USD (If necessary) , DOT declaration fee: USD/SET (If necessary)Single ticket clearance fee USD/SET (Customs clearance with customer's own IOR, if necessary) There are more than 5 items per ticket, and the customs clearance fee is RMB40/product name. Remote area, US West: BFI3, BFI4, BFI7, DEN2, RNO4, US-China: CMH2, IND2, IND4, SLT4, CHA1, CHA2, BNA1, BNA2, BNA3, HOU3, US East: MGE3 ATL6 ATL8 CAE1 GSP1 CLT3 TPA1 TPA2 JAX2 JAX3 1. Please pay attention to the remote address before placing the order, the remote delivery is slow, please pay attention to the timeliness and arrival plan forecast. If possible, it is recommended to do more FBA plans and strive for some warehouses. Additional customs declaration fee: RMB350/SET, renewal fee quotation RMB80/page, one renewal for every more than 6 product names, and so on, FDA declaration fee: USD50/SET (If necessary), EPA declaration fee: USD65 (If necessary) , DOT declaration fee: USD85/SET (If necessary)Single ticket clearance fee USD150/SET (Customs clearance with customer's own IOR, if necessary) If there are more than 5 items per ticket, the customs clearance fee of RMB40/item name needs to be added. If the customer needs to change the delivery instruction after sailing. What are the cost of Amazon's first trip? 1. The quotation does not include customs duties, customs inspection, warehouse rent caused by inspection, PREPULL caused by Amazon's warehouse explosion, warehouse rent, cabinet rent, frame fee, overtime waiting fee, customs penalty for non-compliance with the declaration, etc, please take these official charges into account in order to avoid misunderstanding ( US customs certification is more, please confirm the product name customs clearance before shipment), 2. If the product has a certification LOGO, brand LOGO, please pack the certificate, a copy of the authorization and the goods together, so that the foreign customs can check the authorization, 3. If the customer does not have any special requirements for LCL goods, they are all cleared. If the goods are temporarily detained by the customs due to problems such as brand/certification, the inspection fee will be shared by all customers according to the volume, and the warehouse rent generated by the cabinet will be rented, according to the shipping company's charging standard, the cost for the first 15 days (Excluding warehouse-free period) All customers are allocated, and the warehouse rent after more than 15 days is borne by the owner of the brand/certification problem. If the inspection exceeds 15 days, but all the goods are no problem, the cost needs to be shared by all customers by volume. 4. Foreign delivery trucks wait for 1 hour free of charge, the special line overtime fee, more than USD500/cabinet, do not make more refunds, you can also choose to report the actual sales, the documents are subject to the receipt and delivery time on the receipt, you can let the Operation Update the bill later. 5. Please truthfully declare the name of the goods. If the counterfeit, counterfeit and infringing products are seized, the fines and other penalties shall be borne by the sender, and additional compensation for our company. All product names are confirmed to be transported for customs clearance before entering the warehouse. If there is a fixed and correct customs clearance code and tax rate customs clearance, please provide it in time. We will try our best to refer to it. If not, we need to accept the code and tax rate provided by our foreign customs clearance bank and pay the tax truthfully. The tariff rate is different due to different batches. We can only change the amount of the tax bill. After receiving the tariff, we need to confirm it on the same day, 6. If the goods have been loaded and the customer needs to intercept for various reasons, our company does not guarantee the success of the interception. If the interception is successful, our company will charge the corresponding fee, if the extra cost generated by the special line to HOLD the goods is borne by the customer, 7. Extra large and extra long size goods plus RMB200/CBM ( Any side is larger than 110, less than 150), RMB300/CBM ( Meaning one side is greater than 150, less than 200), More than 200 need a single inquiry! Special Line cargo size requirements: no more than 63 on any side. 5 CM.
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