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What are the contents of freight forwarding?

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-02-22
Freight forwarders, some of which are middlemen, are those who do not own a ship or an aircraft, or a shipping company, or an airline. The duty is to transport the goods entrusted by the client from one place to another through the designated transportation channels. The freight forwarder is to collect and collect the goods for the transportation company (sea, land, air), so that the owner and the Companies that play an important connecting role in trade between merchants. Many job seekers wonder what are the contents of freight forwarding work? Here I will take stock for everyone. The work of the freight forwarder is as follows: 1. Shipboarding Guide: It is applicable to the various route services and LCL services provided. 2. Booking objects and methods (1) For the purpose of giving priority to prices and good routes, choose the shipowner or freight forwarder with advantages. (2) Booking method, booking in writing (fill in booking form). (3) The format of the consignment note specified by the booking agent. (4) Non-specified booking format (the format of CSCL). 3.Precautions for reviewing the waybill booking After receiving the review and booking order from the freight center, start the booking work. Note that the following content must be provided to review the booking order: (1) Pre-shipment schedule; box type and container volume. (2) Name or category of goods; weight, volume (approximate number that LCL must provide). (3) Port of departure / port of discharge / port of destination (must be clear). (4) Terms of payment (provided and listed as 'FREIGHT PREPAID' or 'FREIGHT COLLECT'). (5) Requirements for transportation clauses and special precautions; after the freight rate has been checked by the freight center, the freight is booked to the shipowner or the freight forwarder. 1. Matters needing attention when obtaining booking confirmation: (1) After receiving the shipowner's or freight forwarder's booking confirmation (SHIPPING ORDER) in different ways, delete the relevant shipowner's or freight forwarder's information on S / O and indicate the customer service / document contact person on SO Phone, fax and email address, and then send SO fax to the customer. (2) If the customer wants to entrust the trailer packing and customs declaration, arrange the trailer plan and customs clearance matters 1-2 days in advance. 5.FMS system entry and verification of various expenses (1) The entry is based on the work number indicated by the staff of the freight center in the upper right of BOOKIN GREPORTD. Enter the work number to call up the ticket and enter the corresponding SO data. First check the customer name, enter the SO number in the booking number, vessel name voyage, cut-off date, ETD ship departure time, loading port, unloading port, and destination port entry code to display the complete port name, shipping company, booking agent Enter the company code and press the save button. (2) If there are remarks, click the remarks column in the booking column in the shipping interface; click the expense management interface to check with the charges on BOOKING REPORT, make relevant marks, and do the confirmation for the subsequent expense list. Good premise work. 6, tracking service work (1) The customer goes to the terminal to make an order with the SO, and exchanges the equipment delivery order to the specific storage yard to empty the box and load the container. If the customer reports that the order is not accepted, the customer service will check the reason with the booking agent and notify the customer Re-order and explain clearly to the customer. (2) If the customer encounters a problem when emptying or reloading the container at the terminal, he shall notify the customer in a timely manner after confirming with the booking unit. (3) After picking up the container, the cargo owner requested to postpone a voyage because the cargo could not be prepared. After the container has been lifted, the export time should be postponed. According to the shipping company's shipping schedule, if the shipping time exceeds the free shipping period provided by the shipping company, an overdue use fee will be levied according to relevant regulations. (4) Delayed entry due to the owner's reasons. The client needs to submit a written application to our company for LATECOME. After receiving the customer's application, apply for LATECOME to the booking agent. After the booking agent confirms, you can notify the customer whether to accept the application. If not, explain the reason to the customer. (5) During the peak season, weekly routes must be out of stock. The customer service must communicate closely with the ship owner or freight forwarder to understand the changes in the schedule, the latest allocation of the space, timely provide the latest information to the salesman, and provide the ship East or freight forwarding agents apply for shipping space to ensure our booking space. (6) Arrange payment and receive the original bill of lading and telex release. The customer service will submit the booking information to the document one day before the vessel's customs clearance. When she replenished the documents to the booking agent, she urged her to DEBITNOTE, and coordinated the order time and payment time with each other. After receiving the booking agent's DEBITNOTE and the expense management interface on the FMS system, the part of the payment due to the booking agent is accurately verified, and the seal showing our company's invoice and address is confirmed to the booking agent. If the fee on the booking agent's DEBITNOTE does not match or is missing from the FMS system, you should communicate with the staff of the freight center in time to find out the reason and then confirm. Receive the invoice from the booking agent, fill out the payment application, and forward it to the business center to arrange payment. As the customer checks the contents of the bill of lading, he immediately urges for the original bill of lading, so the customer service must closely track the payment. According to company regulations, invoices arriving in the morning of the same day can be paid in the afternoon, and invoices arriving in the afternoon can be paid the next day. If the bank does not return the order in the afternoon, and the customer is in urgent need of the order, find the business center to understand it clearly and give it to the salesman.
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